Receive Huge Sum Of Money |Powerful Prayer

Receive Huge Sum Of Money |Powerful Prayer

After this Powerful prayer, you will receive a lot of money from unexpected sources! It is always a welcome idea to manifest unexpected money and income.

Let’s harness the power of our thoughts and intentions to receive Financial Blessings in the form of Windfall Income and Financial Freedom. Use the following sentence to open ourselves up to unexpected money coming to us.

How to Pray the Prayer for Windfall Income and Financial Prosperity

Take your mind off

Invite the power of the Universe to connect with you.

Feel the presence of God!

Pray the above prayer for unexpected income and financial prosperity with utmost faith in God/Universe.

To activate the Law of Attraction and clear the channels to receive from the Creator, you need to have a combination of faith and belief and an attitude of gratitude.

Release your intention to the Universe. Let the Universe decide how and when to send you Money and Wealth. Let yourself go.

It is in a state of expectation but does not worry or get attached to the results.

Before and after the prayer, keep an attitude of gratitude.

Manifestation Prayers bring into your life not only the money you need, they bring peace, love, and wisdom to resolve what you still cannot find the way out of. This prayer will show you which is the correct solution.

Powerful Prayer for Huge Sum of Money Prayer

Father, I respect You with all of my life. I maintain a deep and unwavering sense of accountability toward You. 

I know that in You there is peace and contentment, and that hatred is contrary to all that You desire. I will not allow strife to rob me of Your blessings.

I am resolved to never be lazy nor wasteful of that which You have given me. 

My companions are industrious laborers of Your kingdom, not slothful wasters of Your blessings. 

Father, I thank You for always opening the way for me to give. 

I know that my giving is precious and powerful. 

It makes a way for me when there is no way, and it brings me into companionship with great men. 

Father, enlighten the eyes of my understanding so that I may know the power of my words. 

Satisfy me with the fruit of my mouth and fill me with the increase of my lips.

I know that the things of life and the things of death yield themselves to the power of my tongue. 

Therefore, teach me to train my tongue to speak good things that bring a shower of blessings in my life. 

Father, I know that You have made me be a blessing on this earth. 

You have elevated me to the position of a prince in Your kingdom. 

As I give, my influence is felt strongly in my community; and I gain favor with those I come into contact. 

I am a tither and a giver. Because of this, everything that I set my hand to do is blessed and brings forth an abundant harvest. 

My storage places are filled to overflowing and my vats brim over with new wine. 

Father, it is such a privilege to give for the advancement of Your kingdom. 

When I give to those in need, it is like lending You my money. 

Who is more faithful to repay than You? There is no greater investment. 

Of all the investments in the world, Yours is the most secure and reliable. 

I always receive back from You good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over! 

My Father instructs me according to His Word. 

He enjoys my companionship and gives me the ability to function in every circumstance. 

I am a happy and prosperous person, full of wisdom and understanding. 

I know the profits and returns of knowledge. I pursue her with a whole heart. 

It is a great joy to me when I find her. She is more precious to me than any treasure on the face of the earth. 

Long life is in her right hand and in her left are riches and honor. 

I have determined to embrace her like a lover. My union with her brings me happiness, prosperity, and health.  I shall enjoy the pleasantries of life, follow the paths of peace, and end my days as an old, vibrant, and happy person


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  1. Am vibrant happy joyful and thankful for your life guidance towards prosperity in my welfarebeing of brighter future. Thank you once again for coodinated teachings of God’s willing desires for man under the sun to facilitate his creations.

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