Printable Journals

These printable prayer journals give you some guidance to organize your prayers. You can use them to simply write down everything you want to bring before the Lord, or use them as your method of prayer. 

Prayer Warrior Journal

The Most Complete Planner & Journal Dedicated to The Prayer Warrior

Your commitment to God shines through in every prayer you make. The Prayer Warrior Journal offers a purposeful place to record your weekly personal prayer journey through the year.

As you deepen your connection with God, every answered prayer recorded in this prayer journal serves as a powerful testimony to Him.

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Journaling Time With Jesus

Spend more precious time with Jesus by journaling daily.

Journaling our faith journey is a wonderful daily activity that invites greater connection, making this ministry resource a great choice!

The prompts include questions on how God manifests in your life, what you are praying for, what God is and more. Fill up your spirituality tank with this Faith Journal.

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Journaling With Jesus

How to Study and Teach the Bible

The church of Jesus Christ could be transformed if everyone learned how to study and teach the Bible.

Bible study should become an integral part of the life of every church. Because the Bible is God’s written message to us, it is important to read and understand it. But many cannot make sense of the Bible and apply it to their daily lives.

This book is written to help people study the Bible to understand its message. Then this book will help them go a step further; it will help them share its message with others. 

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How to Study and teach the Bible

21-Day Bible Reading Plan

Gospel of John Study Guide – 21 Days.

If you’re looking to take the first step in reading God’s Word, our 21-day Challenge is for you. It’s a simple way to begin making Bible reading part of your day. We believe that there is a message from God and about God and His will for your life in the gospel of John.  

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21 Day Study Guide

Reading the Bible in Chronological Order

Print out this weekly Chart and keep a copy in your Bible.

This is a chronological reading plan designed to get you all the way through the Bible with the events presented in the order in which God presented them Himself.

As this unique, chronological presentation of God’s story daily unfolds before you, you will begin to appreciate God’s plan for your life as never before. Reading the Bible will become a fresh, inviting, transformational experience.

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