Darius Wallis

About Darius Wallis

Darius Wallis received his doctorate in theology in 1999 from an evangelical Pentecostal institution. He has been a Pastor since 1995. His heartbeat is to train young Champions for Christ in every walk of life.

In 2017, he founded the online Missionary Church Love Magic Works, currently with national and international reach through motivational and inspirational internet video and prayers.

Darius Wallis
Darius Wallis

“It is in the daily prayer where people affirm their identity as children of God.” Darius Wallis wrote, “where they have a close reference authority, the teacher, delegated by the pastors, who can assess their spiritual growth with certainty.”

Despite the growth of the movement and the success of the YouTube channel, which has grown to reach millions of homes in 17 countries, Wallis remains, in many ways, like any other pastor. His greatest joy is walking down the aisles of the church and greeting as many people as possible.

Darius expresses his faith in the belief in the living God. The Bible, as a basis, reveals the power that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit have in transforming and saving lives. After the creation of human beings, God-Father was the first to manifest Himself to man, teaching him how to follow and obey his doctrines. Those teachings were followed by Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and all the heroes of the faith.

The Lord Jesus Christ, God-Son, was the Second to manifest Himself to man. When he came into the world he suffered, he was crucified, killed and buried, but on the third day he rose again. This fact guaranteed the Salvation of the human being and the liberation of all kinds of suffering.

God-Holy Spirit was the Third to manifest for humanity. His revelation takes place in the heart of man. Consequently, he can convince him of his sins by showing him, in conjunction with conscience, that he may err, but if there is sincere repentance, God forgives him.