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You can submit a request for your Desire prayers We will try to mention Your Name Also Visit our Site and Read all Prayers for Prosperity in your Life

Pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective

James 5:16

This space is for prayer requests and prayers. We care about you and your needs, and we believe that God will answer any request that we make in agreement. That is why every day we approach Him to thank Him for His infinite mercy and to present our requests to God.

Send your request and together with an intercession team, we will be praying for it. We appreciate that you participate in this important part of our community.

Note: We review all prayer requests before posting them to reduce spam and offensive content.

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      1. Please pray for my son Robin to get a suitable lifepartner as soon as possible and pray to get P. R. 🙏🏿❤,

        Please pray for my son Rebin to get a good job…. Canada 🙏🏿❤

      2. Prayer for richness, money in crores and luxury in Jesus precious Name

        I blessed, genorosity is richly blessed and I get paid and received crores and crores of money.

        Am having lots of wealth, health,lovely family and prosperity

        Praise God and Amen

          1. దేవదూత 5555మెసేజ్ చాలా బాగుంది థాంక్స్ టు గాడ్ థాంక్స్ టు ఆల్
            నాకు చాలా డబ్బులు కావాలి దేవా నీ దూతను పప్పీ సహాయం చేయండి నాకోసం ప్రేయర్ చేయండి నాకు చాలా నచ్చింది మెసేజ్ ఈ రోజు డబ్బులు కావాలి నేను అప్పుల బాధలు పడలేక చాల భాదగా ఉంది మీరూ నాకూ హెల్ప్ చేయండి యేసు క్రీస్తు నామమున ప్రార్థన చేయుచున్నాను ఆమెన్

          2. In Jesus name it is done. Please also pray for my mental issues like depression and anxiety to be healed for God to touch my fathers heart to start helping me get medical help and my teeth fixed.

    1. Lord lead me to the land of flowing milk, honey in Jesus name amen..

      Lord shower your blessing upon my life, and deliver me from foundational poverty and unknown curses from my Father’s community. Amen

      O lord let my barns be full, overflowing, my sheep brings forth thousand, ten thousand, my oxen are stronger to labor. Amen

      Lord dip my feet into oil of riches. Lord let your rivers of life lead, bring to gold in Jesus name Amen
      I inherit the land in Jesus Amen

      Heavenly father give good health and love among men and women. Bless my father and mother with good health, my brothers and Sisters and my finance

      1. Prayer Request For The Village Of Colp Illinois To Pay Me At Last As The Department Of Human Rights Already Instructed Them To Thru My Attorney Mr. James P Stiehl

      2. Amen 🙏🏿 Let my hard time be over 🙏🏿 Let it happen asap 🙏🏿🙏🏿 With God everything is possible🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

        1. దేవదూత 5555మెసేజ్ చాలా బాగుంది థాంక్స్ టు గాడ్ థాంక్స్ టు ఆల్

    1. I request the Lord’s help to remove all the addictions in my life that’s holding me back from him also with my finances I’m unable to pay my rent and any of my bills I need help with that I come from a poor family so we never had money but cursed with addictions I don’t even have a car anymore so I get around on foot I just want the Lord to remove all the ugliness and replace it with the Lord’s love the Lord’s way thank you for praying for me

      1. Amen ..let’s the lord’s favour be upon you and may he give you the strength to overcome your addictions and source for your income.
        Go to the lord in confession and everything will be added into you

    1. Avatar
      Lambert Ayitey Ayee

      I pray for:
      Financial breakthrough
      Miracle money
      Urgent money
      Divine intervention
      Money to pay my son’s bills

  1. May God bless my family through these heartbreaking times of ill health and financial devastation and loss of business from COVID seven months ago. God bless some world and bring peace upon our planets. I hate turn into love. May injustices turn into justice. My love triumph or hate & Lostly may my fundraising campaign to save my son and our family be seen by many and many many help financially. Thank you Jesus, amen. https://www🙏

  2. I’m so sorry. I didn’t double check my grammar😢. God plz bless our world & bring peace upon our planet. May hate turn into love. May love triumph over hate. Lastly, plz see my fundraising campaign🙏. No amount is too small💝. Thank u & peace & blessings to u all.

  3. Thank you Almighty Father God, in the precious name of Your Son, Jesus Christ (“The Annointed One”), we / I, for our respective and imminent Supernatural miracle Financial breakthrough(s) being delivered timeously, by the divinely appointed Angelic beings and all our special Assigned Destiny Helpers.

    This effectively being in respect of all the fervent petitioning persons, (“breaking” under under blows, strains, deprevations or sufferings), with real Special Needs, (howsoever / whatsoever) and /or relevant Financial assistance, (via this divine Kingdom Platform hereon), including my specific similar Supernatural Financial and progressive Development Project release(s).

    Further also, with much gratitude and thanks, we / l also humbly petition Abba Father, through His true Son Jesus Christ (“The Annointed One”), to divinely Bless each and every Prayer Leader(s), Minister(s), Pastor(s), Prayer Intercessory Watchmen / Watch women (and including all behind-the-wall [unseen] attendant Helpers, both great or small), remotely connected to this Kingdom “Special Needs international” platform.

    Thank you, in advance, with a humble hearts (aware of our failings, etcetera), our contrite and penitent Spirit(s), for the exact Covering of the precious Blood of Jesus Christ (“The Annointed One”), that truly protects us all (as specifically herein above, none excluded), in our serious and fervent Petitioning(s), as above.

    Shalom (Peace).



    🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹.


  4. Prayer Request For The Village Of Colp Illinois To Pay Me At Last As The Department Of Human Rights Already Instructed Them To Thru My Attorney Mr. James P Stiehl

  5. Avatar
    Felix Ashikong

    I pray that give me a contract or win bet9ja worth of $50,000 I will be able to pay off my debts and build a very nice house for my mum and have my wedding done this year.all this I ask through christ our Lord amennnnnnnn.thank you Lord for I know it is answer

  6. Avatar
    Charles Aheebwa

    I desperately need money to buy land , construct my own house , start up abig & mega wholesale business & need a good beautiful wife to start with family.
    …….. Thanks…..

  7. Thank you Heavenly Father to allow Your mighty angels to bring assistance, to manifest Your glory, to implement the plans of God for my life. Thank you Lord God for my intercessor angels to help to release healing and financial breakthrough miracles. Bless the Lord, oh my soul! All glory goes to my heavenly Father in Jesus’s name

  8. Please pray for me that my girlfriend Kimberly is cured of her illness by the doctors in the hospital right now and that she responds to my Hotmail message and Gmail messages come onto messaging. Also please pray for me that Google terminates all scammers Google accounts right now and makes it illegal for them to create new ones and that they get banned from Hangouts. And that right now lots of people report all scammers Google accounts so that they will get permanently disabled by Google and for lots of people right now to report scammers to the Pensacola Florida police department and the FBI. And for Google today to get rid of Google Hangouts classic and Google Hangouts chat so it can’t be used by scammers anymore.

  9. I khaleelah aneesah ar-raheem, pray to give birth to five biological sons that I want to create naturally with my crush john k II. biologically and they look like my crush john in ever lifetime 3d world and every realm, and galaxy and universe. that my bloodline and crushes bloodline live a long-life pass 100yrs. I pray that my personal and secretive prayers are answered all the time the way i want them to be answered. I pray for no more murders, jail or prison time no executions in my family or crushes, and friends and the people are believing are innocent and who have change for the better. I pray my family prayers and my prayers answered with positive outcome and in our favor, i pray these prayers are not never broken.

    1. Avatar
      Khaleelah Ar-Raheem

      I would like to break the chains off this prayer I no longer want this prayer. Lord Jesus please break the cords from this prayer about John k ii. And I having all our kids together. Thank you God and universe 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 sincerely khaleelah Aneesah Ar-Raheem amen in Jesus name

    2. Avatar
      Khaleelah Ar-Raheem

      Please erase my May 3 2022 prayer no longer want it to happen between me and John he and I recently broke up and I have no interest in him.

  10. Please pray for me my girlfriend Kimberly is cured of her illness by the doctors in the hospital right now and that she responds to my Hotmail and Gmail messages and that she comes onto messaging.

  11. Greetings Prayer team Darius Wallis

    I just discovered your channel, and I am moved by your persistent prayers and blessed.
    My name is Pearl D. Please pray for my mother Doris N. to recover from all of her illnesses, diabetes, high blood pressure kidney function. The doctors gave up on her, but God didn’t.
    Right now, she is at home. Please pray so that she has the peace and also for her to sleep at night, she is wary and in pain. This is taking a toll on her body and my brothers and sisters who is up all night. I do not live with here, but I am agreeing with your prayers that my mother Doris D. to live and celebrate another birthday on September 17, this is when she came into this world. My brother and sister are doing all they can to support her nutritionally as the medications are too much for her body with no support. I am praying and asking God to please let my mother Doris live for more years and get well soon.
    thank you kindly, Pearl

  12. Dear prayer team.

    Please pray for Anita D. for emotional childhood healing. Also, for Anita healing in her body and to find a godly husband. The lord knows the timing. Pray for the people in her circle to be trustworthy and be kind and not to take advantage of her. As a single mother I raised her in church when everyone else did not want to support us like family members. Anita studied very hard and today she is an honor student graduated as an RRT working in the hospital. She is on her feet all day taking care of the sick. Please pray for her back to be healed as she pulled a muscle and has ongoing back therapy. She needs to be strong to help the sick in the hospital. Pray for me her mom (Pearl) to have favor with my owed finances and God to direct me to a home. My current living situation living with water damage from my building on the roof. No one cares to fix it. I am tired of complaining and my heart’s desire is to move out and find a peace place to live.
    Thank you so much. I am truly inspired listening to your daily devotionals.
    Pearl D,


    I offer and surrender myself towards you Oh LORD JESUS CHRIST IN HEAVEN.
    I am tired of being as always repeating my sins , please forgive me that I surpass your commandments. I confess all the sins I have had and forever be a good follower’s in you LORD GOD, that I praise your glory and yes I seek your face and goodness to save me from the dark and storms that I may pass in the path. I wish I CAN overcome all the hindrances , and challenges I may battling as of now and for the day that I may success the victory I aim to be a number 1 goal is to be a faithful, honest, loyal, lovable, imperfect being but I care so much and to control my anger issues to anyone that I NEED TO PRO-LONGED my patience in every struggles and hard to get rid but easily to solve in under control of goodness as it shows that there is kindness, love and forgiveness.

    Please help me LORD, to survive everything that I am a successful woman indeed with a title of degree with fear in you my LORD. One day that I may pass the board exams both CSE and LPT, to sum-up that I may have share the gratitude of desire on earth as goodness that when I have blessings I WILL GIVE TO A CHARITY AND THOSE WHO NEEDS IT that I may be a good child of yours LORD. I AM ONE OF YOUR CHILD LORD please save me.

    I am requesting LORD that I MAY VISIT AND GIVE BACK THE BLESSINGS YOU GIVE TO ME as I repay it for goodness and filled with obedient to elders’ especially to my aunt SUSAN that we may receive the spiritual holy coming to us in our way and we may continue our journey to be as family of ours please forgive us our sins LORD that we’re not perfect all the time.

    LORD please wipe my tears as covers it all or change it to happiness and unending joy,.
    I wish that I could grant the wishes such as having a kind good being partner’s LUKASZ as he will lead in me into righteousness path together with us we have fear for the LORD and may bless our relationship forever and for a lifetime on earth that we are successful in our plans. Therefore, we end up to settlement of marriage world and having a beautiful family in the future.

    To sum-up my family that it will have a proper a reconciliation and no more hurtful words just love and have faith in thee.
    For my enemy please forgive them LORD for they don’t know what they’re thinking of me.
    LORD please grant my wishes that I may success the trading platforms of Sir ALOYSHA so that I could have to share in tithes in the church, thanksgiving , charity and for the needs we need.



  14. Greetings,

    May the lord richly bless your ministry. MY name is Pearl and I am kindly requesting and intercede for my mother who the doctors can’t help at this time. Her name is Doris Nandlal and she needs healing of her kidneys which is not in line with her health. She never smoke nor drink. Please pray so god heal her kidney, diabetes and pressure. Thank you for your prayers sending out at a distance.

  15. Dear Prayer ministry,

    I am grateful for your prayers each day. I have been also my entire life helping and giving and I know I have to do more. However, I asked of you to please agree with me as there are no distance in prayer for me to finally get my compensation be released, I have been waiting for a long time. Thank you for your kind prayers.

  16. Dear Prayer Team,
    I pray with you every day on you YouTube. Please keep my mother Doris Nandlall who came into this world 9/17. Please pray that God restore her kidney and body health as she is immobile. Please pray she can have the strength to go about her day and pain leave her. She also does not sleep at night. Thank you.

    Please pray for me Pearl to get favor with people in authority supposed to release my money as a result to health issues. Thank you so much and blessing to your ministries.

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