Christian Life Ebooks

Christian Life Ebooks

These Ebooks are designed specifically to help you grow in the light of the Bible. You can join some of the most beloved Christian writers for moments of quiet and reflection that will help you spend your day focused on the presence of God.

30-Day Devotional eBook

One month of devotions to inspire your prayer life!

Discover the power of writing with God every day for the next 30 days! Find yourself in a deeper relationship with God by writing your heart with the prayers and prompts inside of this printable journal.

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30 day devotional

Christian Starter Kit

Twelve short Bible studies for new Christians and for Christians who feel uncertain about their faith.

Once you become a Christian you are like a soldier under the command of Jesus Christ. Being a Christian is not meant to be an impossible struggle but a joyful celebration of life.

God has an endless supply of help, healing, and provision-beyond anything you’ve ever hoped or dreamed of-waiting for you.

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Christian Starter Kit

Breaking Bondages

Remove the shadows and blockages in your life and enjoy the freedom that comes to you.

You have the power to fight Satan and to do it in your own way. Trade deception for grace. Affirm your identity in Christ.

A must-have resource for the Christian looking for healing and freedom from past traumas and bad habits or bad luck.

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Morning and Evening Devotional Readings

Practical insights into everyday Christian living.

You’ll be challenged to reflect on the redemptive work of Christ and the power you have in Him to live for God’s glory.

If you want to grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord, make your first and last encounter of each day time well spent with God.

Get ready to experience the joy of knowing who you are in Christ, growing stronger in your faith, and  loving God more.

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Morning and Evening Devotionals

Prayer 101

Experiencing the heart of God.

The disciples once asked Jesus, “Teach us to pray.” Like us, they had questions about why and how God calls us to pray.

In Prayer 101, John Edmiston addresses our deepest questions about prayer and gives us practical tools for incorporating prayer into our lives. He explores God’s will, how our relationships with God and others affect our prayers, and what it means to pray for our enemies. 

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Prayer 101

How to Know the Will of God

Learn how to know when God is speaking to you so you can experience the heart of God.

What’s worth more than all of the riches in the world? Peace of mind- the deep, lasting peace and sure confidence in the future that comes from knowing you are walking in the will of God.

You can have that peace, and you can know the will of God, not just when you are faced with big decisions, but every day.

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