You Will Receive Supreme Wisdom after this

You Will Receive Supreme Wisdom after this

Listen to this and you will receive supreme wisdom and knowledge of the universe! Blessings from god

“Give me wisdom”. Guidance from God’s prayer

My God, I ask you for wisdom so as not to make the mistakes of yesterday. God is my guide.

I ask you Father for wisdom to make better decisions, so as not to suffer the consequences of them. Be you guiding me day by day. I love you, my God, amen.

Prayers for guidance have sustained me for the past few years. If there’s one thing this pandemic has taught me, it’s that I don’t know what the future may bring. I remember being very confident and believing that I could accurately predict the future. Much of my time was focused on planning. In the last two years, I have had to put aside my self-confidence and lean on the words of Jesus.

Prayers to ask for guidance and follow God’s ways

Surely, you already know the importance of faithfully following the Word of God, since it is like a lighthouse that will take you to a safe port.

Learning to deal with day-to-day problems can be overwhelming. You need to think clearly about what worries you and has you disoriented, whether it’s college, your marriage, your friends, or a situation with a member of your family.

Therefore, whatever the cause that disturbs you and robs you of peace, you need to ask for God’s direction. Next, we want to pray with you so that the perfect divine order comes into your life. Pray with faith the following model of prayer:

Prayer to Ask for Wisdom

Father, I thank you for the privilege to speak scripture over my life today.

As I speak out your words of truth, I ask that you bless me with the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that I seek.

Dear Heavenly Father, I praise You for Your infinite wisdom that is abundantly evident in all that You do. 

You are the essence of wisdom and the source of it. 

Whereas You are abounding in wisdom, I am lacking.

Please help me to grow in wisdom as I increase in my knowledge and fear of You. 

By Your Spirit, please increase my depth of insight as I study Your Word. 

Hold me back from leaning on my own understanding, and make me willing to be counted foolish by the world, for then I will have begun to display godly wisdom. 

As God’s child, I am very wise and well able to do what He has called me to do. 

He has placed in me a mind of wisdom and supernatural ability. 

Therefore, I stir up my spirit to this end and fulfill my calling on this earth.

As God’s child, I have a mind of the deepest understanding.

My spirit is perceptive and I have a hearing heart that is discerning between what is right and what is wrong.

I clearly discern between the voice of my Father and the voice of the devil.

I seek my Father’s kingdom and He is pleased with my prayer life.

I do not set my eyes upon riches to lust after them.

I seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

I am focused on attaining a discerning heart of wisdom.

have to be en given supernatural ability to obtain and deal rightly with knowledge. 

I do not have to worry about riches and protection. God surrounds me with these. 

I walk in the ways of my Father and do what is right in His sight. 

He lengthens my days on this earth and grants me the desires of my heart.

I am a child of wisdom and understanding. 

I have been anointed with an abundance of wisdom so that I may be greatly successful in my calling.

Everything that I set my hand to do prospers and is brought to unfailing success.

I refuse to give in to fear and doubt. I am not dismayed. I am strong and of

good courage, for the Lord is always with me to shield me and give me victory.

The Lord has given me wisdom, common sense, and extensive knowledge, and I have peace on every side.

It’s in the name of my Savior, Jesus Christ, that I pray.


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