Say this prayer once to get money instantly and spells to attract the fortune and prosperity you so desire. These are increasingly used by society, which every day seeks to juggle bank accounts. In order to be able to sustain the high price rise.

We have nothing to lose by trying a spell to get money instantly. On the contrary, we can win and much like winning the lottery. Which is surely what many would like. You just have to follow the correct steps and with a little good luck, we will be solving one or another pending account to be canceled.

Prayers are the exercise of communication towards a God, which is based on a request, or on the simple expression of thoughts and/or emotions, and in case you are going through an economic problem, it is recommended that you pray powerful prayers to attract the money.

The powerful prayers to attract money are the same request practice as an ordinary prayer, with the difference that they emphasize the request for money and it is best that you do it with faith.

This prayer, as its name implies, is a prayer to your God for the purpose of calling fortune to us through it.

With this prayer you will be able to make the monetary income in your life flow in a simple way and you will be able to receive a lot of prosperity in turn.

Attract Money Prayer

Father, I know that You are always involved in what I am doing. 

I will never allow circumstances to cause me to doubt Your Word. 

I shall remain steadfast, immovable, and always abounding in Your work. 

My labor is never in vain. You always prosper what I set my hand to do. 

Thank You for opening my spiritual eyes. I know that there is more to my situation than what the natural eye can see. 

When it looks grim in the natural realm, I know that the circumstance looks awesome in the spiritual realm. 

I always have all that I need and more. Father, You are the first and most vital necessity in my life. 

All that I have is from You. Therefore, I give myself to You fully and unconditionally. I am Yours.

I choose to do all of my giving by Your will and not my own feelings. 

Father, I refuse to be a part of the crowd who abounds in everything You ask but holds back their hand when it comes to giving. 

You have me completely. I know that for my sake Jesus became poor that through His poverty I might be well supplied. 

I will not dishonor You by refusing to believe this truth. 

I am well-supplied, and I prove my faith and love by giving freely and without restraint. 

No matter what my situation is, it brings me abounding joy to give whatever I can to the work of the Lord. 

It is my pleasure to give as much as I am able, and even beyond my ability. 

This I do entirely on my own and not under compulsion. As a matter of fact, I don’t even have to be asked to give. 

I am always looking for an opportunity to share in the ministry through my financial blessings. 

What makes this even more awesome is the fact that I am in partnership with the Lord in my giving. 

So there is no telling what I might do because when God and I get together in this, blessings can flow from any direction. 

I shall let nothing move me to fear. I always give myself fully to the work of the Lord, because I know with certainty that my labor in Him is not in vain. 

My reward and my destiny are fixed, secured by the blood of Jesus and the guarantee of the Holy Spirit. 

I will not allow my circumstances to ever make me worried or afraid. 

Even when I feel sorrowful, I still have cause to rejoice.

When it looks as though I am poor, I still bring riches to many. 

And when it looks as though I have nothing, I still have a provision in abundance. 


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