God Wants You To Pray This Powerful House Cleansing Prayer

God Wants You To Pray This Powerful House Cleansing Prayer

PLEASE PRAY This Powerful Prayer Over Your House NOW!! And the best prayer for your house Cleansing and don’t forget to click the share button

In principle, the blessing of God descends on this house and on all those who live in it, may the grace of the Holy Spirit sanctify you all, and may the name in which all salvation resides, the holiest and sweet name of Jesus pour out in rich measure salvation and due blessing on this house, as well as on everything that exists in it. The Catholic prayer so that God pours out his blessing on the home will be very useful for you to receive the best energy that all those who live in your home need.

With this powerful prayer, we can ask our Heavenly Father to take care of us as our home protects us, as well as all those who live within it so that no enemy can harm us, because we have the beautiful presence of God who is our Father through the following prayer for God to pour out his blessing on the home.

It is very important to be aware that we must pray daily. We must be aware that prayer is the best source for everything to be as calm as possible. The prayer to ask our God for the proper protection for our home is very important, since many times people think that, because they have a nice and well-decorated house, they can come to think that they are worth a lot of money, and that is when Envious people come out that the ones they want to emerge are them without caring about others.

House Cleansing Prayer

Father, thank you for the blessing and provision of this home.

Thank you that you have given me the authority to trample on every power of the enemy (Luke 10:19), authority to bind and loose (Matthew 16:19), and to release the atmosphere of heaven on earth (Matthew 6:10).

Right now in Jesus’ name, I bring my home under my authority now, and under the authority of Jesus Christ.

I take full authority over this home, in the name of Jesus Christ.

The keys to this home have been given to me – authority has been given to me – and I take total and complete authority over this entire home now, in Jesus’ name.

I renounce all ungodliness and all sinful activity that has ever taken place in this home or on this land, all the way back to Adam.

I renounce the sin of all previous owners, renters, guests, and even the builder.

Any curses or evil agreements ever made in or over this home I now declare broken, null, and void in the name and authority of Jesus.

In the name of Jesus, I also command every foul and unclean spirit to be bound now and to leave my home.

I cancel every claim and right the enemy might have here, by the blood of Jesus Christ.

I cleanse this home and everything in it with the blood of Christ.

I now consecrate and dedicate this home and the land it is on to the rule of Jesus, the presence of the Holy Spirit, and the Kingdom of God.

I dedicate everything in and around this house to the Lord Jesus and claim that it is under his rule, protection, and blessing – every room, all the appliances, the structure and infrastructure, the water, and the electricity.

Come, Holy Spirit.

Come and fill every part of this home with the fullness of the kingdom of God, with your love, your peace, and your rest.

Jesus, I ask that you would also send your angels to cleanse this home now, to establish your kingdom here, and to build a shield of protection around it.

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ the Lord, I now proclaim that his home, land, and everything in it is the property of the Kingdom of God.


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