You Are Chosen By God! If You Pray This Prayer You Will See A Miracle Happen

You Are Chosen By God! If You Pray This Prayer You Will See A Miracle Happen

You were chosen by God for Miracle: Let’s begin by recognizing that we are children of God and that we must exercise authority wisely. We note that Zerubbabel is a descendant of David, and ancestor of Jesus Christ, and therefore of royal lineage with a right to the throne, Mt. 1:12-13. Like us, we are of the royal family, for we are children of the King. The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of authority, and every kingdom has an authority structure, even the satanic kingdom. A foundation to be used by God is to be under authority, and it is essential to learn this, in order to exercise then the authority delegated to us well.

Man is called from the beginning to exercise authority. He remembers that authority is to build up, not destroy. Today’s text teaches us that authority should not be puffed up by its position, rather authority teams up with others to work for the Kingdom.

Let’s try to participate actively in God’s plan. God’s plan is the restoration of his creation. The redemption plan is a restoration plan, for even the land itself will be restored. God has sent us to restore humanity, your role is to restore, not destroy, Hag. 2:4, let us try not to hurt those around us with phrases, gestures, or actions. God is powerful to restore what has been destroyed.

Today’s world is a challenge to educate and train our children since there are many temptations and offers of evil. It is our desire as parents to educate and train children who will be men and women of God tomorrow. Just as Joseph and Daniel were upright in the midst of Egypt and Babylon respectively, we are called to form children that glorify the Lord.

Faith in God generates courage, Hebrews 11:23 ” By faith Moses, when he was born, was hidden by his parents for three months, because they saw him as a beautiful child, and they did not fear the king’s decree .” Moses’ parents did not allow fear to end his life, because he was a plan from heaven here on earth.

At this point, Moses is forty years old, and for some thirty-five years, he was educated at the Egyptian royal court with the best teachers and advisors in the empire. The biblical text tells us “he went out to visit his Hebrew brothers”, so that Moses knew that he was a Hebrew and that the oppressed people were his people. Decades of Egyptian education and training failed to dilute his Hebrew identity.

How important is this, to maintain our identity as God’s people above the environment in which we find ourselves since we are “royal priesthood, a holy nation, lineage chosen to announce the virtues of our God”…

Financial Breakthrough Prayer for Miracle

I believe My good is now freely flowing to me so bountifully I cannot use it all, and I have an abundance to spare and to share, today, and always.

I am expecting “Unexpected Income!” I believe God is now giving this to me and I accept this as Truth and give thanks.

All channels of financial supply are now open to me and I am richly, bountifully, and beautifully prospered in every good way.

I believe true Prosperity includes the demonstration of the right living conditions, the right activity, and the right kinds of happiness.

This word which I speak in faith, and belief, now activates the law of increased universal good for me, and I expect to see rich results now!

I visualize the financial good I expect. I see it coming to me now, richly and abundantly.

I claim and accept it for myself now. I am grateful in advance! I bless all the good I now have, and I bless the increase.

I bless all others who are saying this prayer, and I know we are now all prospering together in every good way, and sharing the good we receive.

I now freely give my tenth to God’s good work. My giving is making me rich! God gives to me rich, lavish financial blessings now!

Lord Jesus, You died for me, and in Your death, I died. I died to sin, to Satan, and to the world. I was buried with You. 

I rose again with You in the newness of life. I ascended with You, and I am seated with You in heavenly places. 

You sent Your Holy Spirit to live in me, and the life that is in me today is Your resurrection life, dead to sin, and alive unto you.

God has brought me into His house for the satisfaction of His own love. He has made me entirely suitable to Himself. 

In Christ I am holy and without blame before Him in love. I am at home in my Father’s house. I worship the Father. How good He is to bless me in this way!

May God multiply my faithful giving of tithes and offerings and shower my life with growing prosperity.

I know that Christ is risen, for He is risen in my soul. I know that God is the source of all supply, and so He has an infinite, inexhaustible source.

I am not sick, because God made me in His image, and the Christ, Truth, is here to wake me to life and health.

My God shall supply all my needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. God is the source of all supply to the child of God.

This is so now. I am grateful. Thank You, Father!


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