It's Scary How Fast This powerful Prayer Works Try It For Yourself

It’s Scary How Fast This powerful Prayer Works | Try It For Yourself

Miraculous prayer that gives results in 4 minutes Buckle up and Dont forget to share this Most powerful Prayer with your Circle especially with your family to get more prosperity and wealth too.

Miracle prayers are prayers to ask for those most difficult situations. For those moments in our lives when our strength falters, when we think things couldn’t get better. But if we put all our faith in God, he will help us.

These miraculous prayers must offer them directly to God, or to one of the saints. Thus they will intercede for us since they are together with the Lord. They will also give us the faith we need so that God will assist us, give us strength and allow us to continue fighting.

Pray for a miracle

God never leaves us helpless, he always opens a window for us so that we can reach him and open our hearts to him.

On the other hand, one of the most reliable ways to reach the Lord and transmit our praises and prayers to him is prayer. By using the sweet and benevolent words of prayers, we can create a bridge that takes our requests to heaven.

For those moments when you pray to find the answer to a problem, a miracle prayer is your solution.

We tell you a miraculous prayer, with which your prayers will reach God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit. In this way, each of the figures that make up the triad of the Christian religion helps you to have full peace.

Powerful Prayer

Father, I will not allow fear to rob me of my blessing. I will not be afraid to do that which You have called me to do. 

I will not be afraid to seek profit and produce an abundance for Your kingdom. 

I will not be fearful and lazy. I choose to be the good and faithful servant whom You make ruler over much. 

I will set my hand to the plow and produce an abundance for Your glory. 

I know that when I seek profit to advance Your kingdom, I enter into the joy of my Lord! 

I am a sower of the Word. This book that I hold in my hand is my precious seed. 

I have sown it and will continue to sow it. I will guard it with all that I am. 

Satan cannot steal this Word from my heart. 

I will not allow persecution and affliction to cause me to turn from the Word. I am not easily offended or easily distracted. 

The cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and the lust of other things cannot cause me to turn from Your promises. 

I make myself to be good ground for Your Word. I hear it, receive it, sow it, and bring forth an abundant harvest for Your glory! 

I stand boldly before You and make my requests. I know that You are my loving Father and that I am welcome on Your throne. 

Therefore, I do not hesitate to ask for those things that I both need and desire. 

I know that You are more than willing to grant my requests if I ask.

I also know that You have put your faith within me that I may speak to the formidable circumstances in life and command them to come in line with Your will. 

When I speak Your words of faith, I will not doubt in my heart. 

I believe that what I say will come to pass because it is not my power that causes it to happen but the power You have placed within me. 

I choose to be a person of faith in words, and I shall have the things that I say. 

I understand the laws of sowing and reaping and that my God is a God of increase. 

Therefore, I take what I have been given, sow it into the kingdom, and reap an abundant harvest. 

In this, I am counted as faithful and honorable in the eyes of the Lord, and I enter into His joy and blessings. 

When I am faithful and operate in the laws of kingdom living persistently and without fail, I shall reap even the seed that was given to the faithless. 

More and more will be given to me so that I am furnished richly and have an abundance. 

My God is a God of increase, and He takes great pleasure in my prosperity. 

The Word to me is as seed sown into good ground. Satan has been unable to pluck it out of me. 

It has taken root deep within me; and when the winds of trouble and persecution arise, I remain secure and steadfast. 

All of the cares and worries in the world cannot cause the seed of the Word within me to perish.

I do not allow distractions such as fame, the deceitfulness of riches, or the lusts of the flesh to choke the Word and make it unfruitful in my life. 

On the contrary, I am good ground. I receive the Word with an open heart and understand the principles of seedtime and harvest that are contained within it. 

As I operate these principles, I reap a harvest even one hundred times as much as what I have sown. 


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