Prayer for Dreams to Come True

Dreams Come True When You Say This Prayer to the Almighty

There are so many things that we want from life, that sometimes we do not know how to ask for them, so this time I will let you know how you can make a prayer for dreams to come true. That is why I recommend that you give yourself the opportunity to read this article, you do not know when in your life you need to pray for God to grant you something you want.

God is our creator and you can ask him for an impossible wish and he will fulfill it. No matter how difficult your dream is, if God wants, he will grant it to you, but you have to be kind and grateful too, do good and give your prayers to him.

Let your thoughts rise and make prayers to God from the depths of your heart. For you to make a prayer for dreams to come true, if you do it with strength and from the heart, you can be sure that the Almighty God will grant it to you.

Prayer for Dreams to Come True

Praying for dreams to come true is not difficult at all, it is like having a conversation with God. You have to be sincere, clear and ask for good things. He is a good God and if you ask him for something that harms someone, don’t expect him to help you. He is not a God of evil, he just wants to help cleanse your soul, his only intention is to purify people.

So now that you have an idea of ​​how to make your dreams come true through your own prayer, I will give you an example below: pay close attention and open your heart, let yourself be touched with God’s divine wand.

Heavenly Father, I ask you to help me see my dreams come true, you who know my heart and know my needs, do not despise my pleas before this request. Help me to clear my ideas of what I really need to be happy, free my soul from all harmful thoughts and allow me to visualize my goals.

I want to ask you to help me, Lord, allow my family to be united and healthy by your side. That you clear my sight and make my dream come true. I need your wisdom so as not to waste the opportunity that life has given me by allowing me to be your child, a great blessing that not all human beings have.

Lord Almighty, glorify my soul and free me from all anguish and concern, raise your infinite power to the farthest so that you once again demonstrate your greatness. Help me live my dreams come true. May your powerful hands be your glorified blood and your divine mantle that guide me to make my best possible life.

With the help of God, my dream will come true. Amen

If you really want something, pray this prayer to God to make a wish, that you be clear, that you know how to ask for it and for that, only he can help you.

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The prayer for a dream to come true is one of the most honest conversations that should be carried out with God.

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How to Pray for a Dream to Come true

Prayer is the most intimate way we have to communicate with God and with all the angels who help us carry our requests so that they are heard. It is important that when we go to pray for a dream to be fulfilled, that our wishes must be aligned with God’s commands, we cannot request unhealthy wishes or to harm other people, because we will be heard, but not attended to in our desires, but rebuked by them because they are desires to harm and not to do good.

We cannot forget that although we think that we are not being listened to, this is not true, our wishes are always listened to, but God’s times are unrelated to our needs, only he knows the moment in which he should fulfill our dream, because it is the ideal moment, of greater benefit for us.

It is important to remember that the human being sometimes has needs that are not real, that is why if our desires are loaded with banalities, it is very possible that the Almighty recognizes that in reality it is not necessary and not in response to it, which It does not mean that we have not been heard.

It is important then to pray with faith, that our desires are directed to do good and are real needs, that is why we must be honest in our requests. Below we will leave several prayers to make a dream come true, so that you can select the one with which you feel most identified and that is a spiritual channel of effective communication.


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    Carrie williams

    Thank you I wish God will come 5hrough for me a week before this April 2022 is over. And move me into a READY to move in clean positive area where none of my enemies be able to locate me. And all they stolen from me if not return by the week before April 2022 month is over they will all be arrested and serve 45 yrs for the rape abuse theft break ins they did to me and my grandkids.

  2. I need prayers financial status upon my life and also pray for me to be married at least this year especially over a man I met but all of the sudden some hinderence occurred l love him so much ND want him back again he is called Jean-Jacques Morin plz l do believe in God ND our Lord Jesus Christ.

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