Angel Message 555

Angel Message 555 You Are Being Called by your Guardian Angel

Angel Message 555 😇

Print the Angel Prayer 555 below ↓

I am the Angel of Light.

God, Our Father, is Love, is Wisdom, is Kindness, is Everything.

Everything that emanates from Him is light.

I am the angel who has combined His Glorious Emanation in his aura and today I have been sent into your world, into your life, to bathe you with His Divine Clarity, which is my radiance.

I have been sent to radiate in your space, gleams of my essence.

So that you awaken to the spiritual world, to my angelic emanation, which is of love, peace, wisdom, understanding, tolerance, compassion and all the divine virtues of the celestial kingdom.

Angel Message 555

Because I am the consciousness of everything that exists.

I am the projection of God’s Love.

Come… come into my arms… close your eyes and receive holy flashes. Breathe in… breathe in my essence.

Feel how you grow stronger and your senses sharpen. I will light your path… there will always be angels with you…

And now… Come on!… What are you waiting for? Take my hand… the day is beautiful… let’s start it with love….

Invoke the Angel Number 555

He will speak to you through your inner voice, guiding your steps, until you achieve the physical, mental and spiritual balance necessary.

Use the prayer on the printable page for Angel Number 555. Say the prayer, imagine that your angel is by your side and quietly talk to him about all your problems and concerns.

Keep quiet and focus on listening to the thoughts that your angel will place in your mind.

Make a commitment to him and to yourself: offer him your thoughts, words and prayers every day.

Try to make your requests, queries and questions as direct as possible, so the response will be more specific.

Remember that your requests must not be harmful to you or others and must be requested at the right time. Finally, remember to be grateful to your angel who attends to your requests. The best prayer will always be that which emanates from your most sincere feeling and heart.

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1 thought on “Angel Message 555 You Are Being Called by your Guardian Angel”

  1. Dear God and my Holy Angels I Pray that I can start my business Godbless Everyone so I can help anyone that may need a hand with something or just a freind I can talk to everyone of my Holy Father and spread the word of compassion and joy to help those in need I wish to move near my Son and family and build that family bond again I can barley remember I dont want to aste any more time sitting here when I can be a service to the world Thank you sincerely Love Laura

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