Money Prayer |Start The Day With This Prayer

Money Prayer |Start The Day With This Prayer

START THE DAY WITH THIS PRAYER AND THE MONEY COMES INTO YOUR LIFE. Read with the Faith and Core of your heart and Share with your Friends too.

If you find this powerful prayer the money will arrive today!

Abundance is the true nature of the Universe. We live in a universe where there is an abundance of all things, ideas, love, money, friends, and opportunities that surround us in all weather.

Although sometimes we cannot feel it, the Universe is always abundant here and now.

You do not need to seek abundance outside of yourself, it is the natural state of your being, which can only be found within your soul.

Start enjoying Prosperity here and now. Receive a Torrent of Money and Wealth. Consequential Daily claims to transform your life from scarcity to opulence.


Here is a simple technique that you can use to multiply the money. I gave the following statement several times a day: I like the money I use it wisely, constructively, and adequately.

Money Prayer

Father, I know that You are a shield for the poor. Therefore, I imitate You as a good child. 

Through me, the poor and afflicted have a warrior advocate who will meet their needs and plead their cause. 

Your wisdom is more significant than precious stones. Your understanding far exceeds material wealth. 

Through it, I gain an understanding of the ways of business. 

No buyer can gain an advantage over me, and no seller can cheat me out of my fair share of the profits. 

I choose the ways of wisdom and shun the folly of giving a stranger the use of my name.

I shall never sign my name for a stranger nor pledge my will to a cause that does not concern me. 

Father, I am not a person who looks for the perfect time to do my work. 

I work in season and out of season. The discomforts of life do not guide my hand.

I am wise enough to know that a harvest comes from tilling, planting, and tending. 

Therefore, no matter what the circumstances are, I shall continue to work hard and find a way to profit. 

You have decreed that the tithe of all my income is holy. 

I shall not devour it but honor You by giving it willingly and cheerfully. 

I will not give a second thought to my pledge nor make a vow and then find an excuse not to pay it. 

I keep my eyes focused on those things that bring joy to My heart. 

I know that You see everyone on equal terms. You do not see the rich as being any better than the poor. 

All carry the dignity of being made in Your image and likeness. 

Therefore, I will not mock or scoff at another ’s misfortune. 

I will not make excuses to get out of work, nor will I be afraid of the challenges that are set before me.

I move forward with courage and boldness and remain diligent in the face of all circumstances. 

My pursuit of prosperity does not include taking riches from the poor. 

I plead the cause of the poor right alongside the Lord. Together we are working to end their poverty. 

I am a generous person who shares my abundance with those in need.  By this, I receive blessings from every direction. In Jesus’ name,


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