Ancient Prayer Technique To Get Exactly What You Want

Ancient Prayer Technique To Get Exactly What You Want

Secret technique nobody will ever tell you! Speak this 3 times! There’s no going back!

Get exactly what you want when you say this bible prayer. Use this secret to manifest wealth. This manifesto works every time.

Everything is energy, even God; or rather, God is the origin of all that energy. There are specialists who say that God is the quantum field from where everything occurs.

“ALL are created first in the invisible” and our desire or intention are simply expressions of the universe or God, who wants to manifest through us. Actually, our primary function as physical beings is to be channels of the energy of that idea or desire. For these reasons, everything we long for or need “HAS ALREADY BEEN CREATED”, and is simply latent on the higher plane of the invisible as a form of subtle energy, seeking to expand in the configuration of this atomic field that is the world of matter.

Prayer makes our minds work on the energy we desire, in this case, success and prosperity.

¿Do you want to attract wealth? ? Brilliant. So you can’t keep thinking and living in poverty. You have to be thinking about abundance and wealth, and act as you want to live.

So you will pray as if it were your last chance, but at the same time, you will feel that the prayer will be fulfilled, thinking that everything you ask of the creator will come true.

Therefore, you must be sure in your mind that will be blessed with success and prosperity; but you have to keep in mind that it will also depend on God if he grants you the prayer. Neville Goddard technique.

Ancient Prayer

The Lord has established His covenant with me. 

He has delivered me out of the hands of my enemies. 

He has lifted me out from the burdens of the oppressor and has freed me from the yoke of bondage. 

The Lord has rescued me with a mighty, outstretched arm.

My heavenly Father springs to action at the call of my prayer and delivers me with powerful acts of judgment.

I give to my Lord a whole, sincere, and enthusiastic heart of praise. 

I lose myself from the bonds of dignity and praise Him with all of my might. 

I give Him my all and hold nothing back. He is with me always and gives me victory wherever I go.

My God is with me in all that I do. He has given me a mind of discernment like that of an angel.

The words that I speak give me peace and security on all sides.

The Lord is my immovable fortress, my Rock of salvation, and my deliverer from all of life’s troubles. 

He is the source of my strength and my capacity to withstand the force of the enemy without breaking or yielding. 

In Him, I take my refuge. He is my stronghold and my guardian so that the thief cannot plunder me.

My Lord lights my way before me. He gives me His clear instruction to keep me firmly on the path of righteousness.

By Him, I claim victory over the enemy. I run through a garrison and leap over their fortified walls.

God’s Word is ever before me. It is tested, tried, and true. I put my complete trust in Him.

He is my Shield and my Refuge! He is my Rock and my Fortress!

He supervises my way before me and enlightens my understanding of His plan for my life.

He has set me free from all hindrances.

He makes my feet like that of a deer—firm and able—swift and graceful.

He has made me secure and capable. I maintain a steadfast resistance against the attacks of the enemy.

He has set me on the heights (as His top priority) and has established me with steadfast assurance and boldness that cannot be shaken.

He trains my hands to do battle so that my arms can bend a bow of bronze.

He has given me the shield of His salvation.

By His grace, He came down to my level so that I may be lifted up to His level.

He has enlarged my steps under me to keep me from falling.

His greatness is within me and by His strength, I destroy the enemy. I refuse to turn back until they are consumed. I keep them at bay and they shall not arise!

My Lord has girded me with strength for the battle. I see nothing but the backs of my enemies as they turn tail and run from me utterly terrified! My Father works many miracles on my behalf. In Jesus’ name, I pray


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