How to pray to win the lottery | One Prayer of Abundance

How to pray to win the lottery | One Prayer of Abundance

The lottery winner did this and won a big jackpot! The Most Common Question is how to pray to win Lottery’s Answer here. One Prayer of abundance read this post and wait for Lottery

Win the lottery now, with the activation of this powerful prayer. Activate the energy of luck and good fortune. Vibrate in tune with the energy of Wealth, Money, and Abundance.


Lord God Almighty,

I put this prayer in your hands.

To activate the Magnetic Energy of the universe

the Attraction of Money in Abundance, well-being,

opulence, the opportunities, success, and blessings.

Through your Servants, the Loving Angels, and beings of light

That Flow in my Life Now…

In Perfect Peace. It Is Done. I thank you, Father.


One Prayer of Abundance

Father, I thank You for pouring out Your abundance into my life. 

You richly fill all of my storehouses and accounts. 

My substance increases more and more. 

You fill my treasuries with silver, gold, and precious stones. 

All of my work prospers under Your anointing. 

Your provision, Father, is always more than enough. 

Father, You have all of my heart. 

All that I am and all that I do is in Your name. 

Prosper me according to Your Word. 

I give my life in service to Your cause. 

I have been granted a position of high honor in Christ and have been given great riches. 

As I draw upon His provision, my dwellings are well supplied. 

It is God’s will that my home is arrayed in the finest that heaven has to offer. 

I choose to do what is good, right, and faithful before the Lord. 

In everything that I do, in my service to the church and obedience to God’s ways, I work wholeheartedly, seeking the advancement of His kingdom. 

And in doing so, I prosper. 

I am a builder in life, and I continually increase. 

Everything that I set my hand to do prospers. 

Father, I thank You for giving me an understanding of Your will and of Your ways. 

I will seek Your face continually and prosper in everything I set my hand to do. 

I choose to walk in Your ways and build my wealth according to Your standards. 

I will not seek selfish gain or look to cheat others to further my own prosperity. 

I seek You with all of my heart. 

I am a doer of Your Word and not a hearer only. 

Establish me in Your righteousness. 

Prosper me and increase my holdings according to the precepts and promises You have given. 

Bring to me riches and honor in abundance so that I may be a blessing on this earth. 

I will remain faithful all the days of my life. I will treat my money with respect and use it as a tool to advance Your kingdom. 

Through faithfulness, I will leave this world at a ripe old age with riches and honor as an inheritance for my children. 

Father, I know that You are with me. 

You dwell within me in all of Your power and authority.

Prosper me as I advance Your kingdom. 

Give me wisdom and understanding of the laws of increase. 

Enlighten my understanding of Your Word. I make my choice to believe. 

I will not fear or be dismayed under any circumstances. 

I remain strong and of good courage, for You have promised to prosper me; and You always honor Your Word. 

My heart is lifted up in Your ways. Glory to Your name! 


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4 thoughts on “How to pray to win the lottery | One Prayer of Abundance”

  1. That prayer is everything I wanted to say but couldn’t find the words. THANK YOU

  2. I call upon invoke summon Father Son Holy Spirit YAHWEH God Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior Archangels of abundance and prosperity Raziel, Gadiel, Barakiel, Gamaliel, and Pathiel all saint helpers Have mercy on me bless me with financial miracle I Am blessed winning perfect right amount from the lottery and it is a great gift blessing in my life all those around me brings me closer to God family love ones I Am blessed with winning perfect right amount from the lottery so I can end the year on a high note start the new year with a clean slight fresh start take care of my own financial needs so I Am better able help love others so I can finally wake up each day in peace joy knowing my financial needs well taken care of so I can live each day to the fullest with family love ones build generational wealth to share enjoy with family love one charities for many many years generations thank you help guide me to always use lottery winnings money as a tool for good to better my life and to help others thank you help guide me to always make smart wise investments thank you I Am bless with winning perfect right amount from the lottery and I Am so blessed thankful thank you thank you thank you in Jesus Christ name our Lord and Savior Amen.

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