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3 AM Magic Words: Say it and see what happens!! Healing Prayer with 24 Hours working Read these Healing Scriptures and Wait for Results

There are scientific studies that have shown the relationship between our mood and our physical health.

However, this is nothing new. For thousands of years, the great sage Solomon had written about what he calls: “Kind words”, which have the power to bring health to our body and generate a full lifestyle, that is, happy and blessed.

Our mouths should be a source of healing for ourselves and also for the people around us.

Our words must become declarations of life that transform the atmosphere where we find ourselves.

Every morning when you wake up you must declare: “My words have the power to heal.”

Exercise the Gift of speaking well, speaking the right thing, and declaring the Word of God in which there is life.

Healing Scripture 

I serve an omniscient God. 

He loves me dearly and responds with compassion to my prayers. 

He sees the sickness that tries to deny me of the life that I have been given. 

He attacks it with a vengeance and sets me back on the path of victory.

(Psalm 139)

Healing Prayer

Father, You know me thoroughly. 

You know every cell in my body and how it works. 

You know the origin of anything that would come against me to steal the life that You have called me to live. 

Therefore, I am fully confident that You will heal me with perfect healing.

Healing Scripture 

I have His Word that no disease can come upon me which is brought upon the world; 

for me, God is Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals me. 

He is the Lord of my health.

(Psalm 103)

Healing Prayer

Father, You are my life. 

There is nothing that I desire more than to have Your companionship.

When I hear Your Word, I hear Your voice. 

It is a precious treasure to me and I cling to it with all that is within me. 

Your statutes and commandments are life to me in abundance. 

Through them, I have knowledge of Your unfailing mercy and grace. 

I sense Your love, Father. You are my Jehovah Rapha—my healer.

Praise be to Your holy name!

Healing Scripture

I have a covenant with God. 

I diligently listen, giving my complete attention to His Word, and I do what is right in His sight. 

My ear is open to His voice and I am prepared to follow His commands.

I have His Word that no disease can come upon me which is brought upon the world; 

for me, God is Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals me. 

He is the Lord of my health.

(Isaiah 30:21; 53:5; Psalm 103:1-5)

Healing Prayer

Father, thank You for Your Word with its precious promises. 

In You, I am blessed beyond measure. 

You bless my bread and water and take all sickness away from me. 

You preserve my offspring and fulfill my number of days in a long and abundant life. 

You are so awesome, Lord, and You are a pleasure to serve.

Healing Scripture

I am an intercessor in the family of God. 

When Satan’s sickness takes hold of another, I stand in the gap for them and declare their healing. 

The Lord hears my prayers and responds with tender compassion. 

I respond to His compassion with obedience as a good son/daughter should. 

I am quick to obey His requirements and will follow His instructions without fail.

(Hebrews 12:2; Ezekiel 22:30)

Healing Prayer

Father, I hold fast to Your mercy. 

You do not look upon my sin, but You see me through the eyes of grace. 

Your love for me is stronger than Death and as unyielding as the grave. 

Your forgiveness is everlasting. 

By Your grace, I stand, and by Your grace, I am healed. 

Jesus bore my shame on the cross and by His wounds, I am made well.


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