Financial Miracle Prayer

Financial Miracle Prayer

He went from broke to mega-millionaire overnight! THIS PRAYER MADE ME RICH Share this Best Miracle Prayer in your Circle to make your Life Beautiful and Prosperity will you.

Expect it, believe it, and prepare to receive it!

It is a great pleasure for God 

to reward your efforts.

He will do just what He promised for you.

Financial abundance is coming.

Expect it, believe it and 

prepare to receive it!

Say the following prayer 

To receive God’s financial miracle:

This Prayer Will Make You Rich

Eternal God! Your word tells me 

that I shouldn’t worry about what 

I eat or drink, and what I wear. 

But You, my heavenly Father, 

know that I require them. 

Lord, I know that I require a 

financial miracle right away. 

You are aware that I require an 

overflowing of money. Let the 

drought that is currently occupying 

my bank account go away.

I ask for Your abundance. Bring Your 

powerful power to rescue me from 

these difficulties. Teach me how to act. 

My Lord, hear my prayers and respond 

with Your miracle power. I don’t just 

want to pull through, I want an amazing 

victory for Your glory and honor. 

These debts may melt away. I praise You, 

my Provider, for fulfilling Your promises.

I present my finances to You and ask 

for financial miracles in my life. 

I ask for more wealth and fewer losses. 

I will let go of the depression and 

anxiety that a lack of finances has brought me.

I pray that I do not owe anyone anything, 

except my obligation to love other people. 

If I love my neighbor I will obey Your law. 

I ask for financial freedom and vow financial 

success. Because I know You don’t want me 

to be worried or oppressed, I declare 

a miracle in my finances. 

Love is my first priority and not money.

You empower me to succeed economically, 

no matter how everything seems right now. 

Your Holy Spirit, guide me in the steps that 

I must take to achieve financial freedom. 

Jesus said that an earthly father wouldn’t 

give his child a stone if they asked for bread. 

He wouldn’t give his child an animal 

if they asked for a fish. 

The evil sinners know how to give their children 

good gifts. How much more will You, my Father

in heaven, do for them? Lord, I pray that 

You grant me financial freedom. 

You can help me overcome this situation. 

I need your help to get out of debt and put 

me in a good financial position. 

You can make me more than just a conqueror 

in this war. I am grateful to You, my sovereign 

and eternal God, for answering my 

prayers and calming this storm. 

Lord, I ask that You will have Your divine 

control over my money. I know You are able 

to provide for me. Thank You for my 

financial breakthrough. I believe it will come.

I know You will take care of my needs. 

I am grateful for Your promise of deliverance. 

You are my hope and I have no fear. 

God of goodness, I am grateful for You. 

Because I know Your divine power will 

bring me financial miracles, I thank You. 

Your blessings are sufficient to ensure that 

I am able to prosper in all my endeavors. 

You are my financial support, and I am 

confident that I will succeed in everything I do. 

Your guidance will help me make sound 

financial decisions to achieve my financial miracle. 

I pray I don’t idolize money. Instead, I pray 

I respect it to be able to respect my heavenly riches. 

For Your unending love and faithfulness, my heart 

trusts in you. All things are possible with You. 

Calm my heartbeat and guide me on the right path. 


Type “Amen” if you are expecting 

a financial miracle soon.

Deuteronomy 29:9 

“Carefully follow the terms of this covenant, 

so that you may prosper in everything you do.”

God has crowned you with favor. 

He will deliver the gifts meant for you.


Type “Amen” if you believe that



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