Prayer to Remove Curses and Money Blocks

Prayer to Remove Curses and Money Blocks


Your Angel’s Message For Today Tells you that the keyword and angelic guidance is ✿◠‿◠ ☆ “SUPPORT” That you are needing and can’t find the courage to ask for it. You must keep in mind that when you act from love you can also request help and support, and you can trust many people if you know how to lead yourself from love and towards love. Do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it, because you have nothing to lose by trying. Leave your pride behind and try.

You have the power in Word and Prayer

to break all curses and end 

their effects in your life.

You can open the doors of 

Unlimited Prosperity in your life.

When life seems to be going against you, 

when you’re having a run of bad luck, 

recognize the signs that you’re not

in harmony with your intention.

We are all creatures with God. 

You can choose between connecting 

with Spirit or not connecting. 

You can reconnect in a way that 

aligns you with your purpose.

Be open to the possibility of 

receiving the help you want 

Say this prayer to vibrate in harmony 

with the All-Providing Source.

Prayer to Remove All Curses

With all the power of my intention

I activate, here and now, the Magnetic 

Power of Prosperity, Abundance, and Well-being

Now, expressing my gratitude for everything 

I have and giving thanks for what is yet to come, 

with the certainty that Unlimited Prosperity

materializes in my life. 

God is within me, around me, protecting me, 

so I will banish the gloom of fear that shuts 

out His guiding light and makes me 

stumble into ditches of error.

I will wipe away, with the soothing veil 

of Divine Mother’s peace, the dream 

fears of disease, sadness, and ignorance. 

Teach me to be tenaciously and cautiously 

courageous instead of often being afraid.

I am protected behind the battlements of 

my good conscience. I have burned my past. 

I am interested only in today. I will fear nothing 

except myself when I try to deceive my conscience.

Today I will burn the lumber of worries and 

fears, and kindle the fire of happiness 

to illuminate God’s temple within.

Father, teach me not to torture myself and 

others with the ugly fires of jealousy. 

Teach me to accept with satisfaction the 

measure of kindness and friendship 

from the loved ones that I deserve.

Teach me not to moan for what I may not 

receive. Teach me to use love instead of 

jealousy to rouse others to do 

their duty toward me.

As the sun spreads vital rays of light, 

I will spread rays of hope in the hearts 

of the poor and forsaken, and kindle a 

new strength in the hearts of those 

who think that they are failures.

I will seek divine safety first, last, and all 

the time in the constant underlying thought 

of God, my greatest Friend and Protector.

Heavenly Spirit, bless me that I may easily 

find happiness instead of becoming worried 

at every test and difficulty.

The ocean of God’s abundance flows 

through me. I am His child. I am a channel 

through which all divine creative power flows. 

Bless me, Father, that above all things 

I seek You first, as befits Your true child.

Beloved God, protect the celestial temple 

of my mind against the entry of 

tenacious warriors of evil thoughts.

O Fountain of Love! make me feel 

that my heart is flooded by 

Your omnipresent love.

Thank you for the Abundance of 

Money and Wealth that unexpectedly 

come into my life from everywhere.

I receive with joy and in perfect peace 

from God, through His servants, 

the loving angels and beings of Light.

I open myself here and now to receive 

and accept the abundant and wonderful 

gifts that God has for my life

And for all those around me, for my 

good and that of all humanity, under 

the Grace, perfectly. It is done. 

Thank you, Father, Amen.

James 4:7, KJV

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. 

Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

Type “Amen” and all curses that

block you will disappear.

Pray this prayer often and in faith 

until you see the desired results.

It will burst open the sunshine 

of heaven over your life.

Get ready to start to enjoy 

the blessing of heaven.


Type “Amen” if you believe that



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