Angel Abundia Blessing prayer

Angel Abundia Blessing prayer|Invok Abundance

If you’re watching this Article, it means you’ve aligned yourself with the frequency of the Angel of Fortune and Wealth, who is ready to bestow upon you financial blessings, enabling you to manifest abundant wealth and divine riches in your life.

 Ask with unwavering faith for the benevolent Angel Abundia Blessing prayers Angel Abundia Blessing to grace you with her Holy cornucopia, brimming with prosperity, good fortune, and abundant wealth. Request her to manifest these heavenly gifts in your life.

Recite this prayer daily, ensuring that the energy of fortune and wealth remains a permanent, boundless presence in your life.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and raise your vibration with the frequency of the Angel Abundia, who is here to envelop you with unwavering support and divine provisions. 

Angel Abundia Blessing Prayer

Supreme Angelic energy, Angel Abundia, enshroud me with your potent ray of light.

Infuse my life with prosperity and abundance that are both infinite and enduring.

Bless my finances, home, family, and business with your energy, ensuring they flourish with positivity.

Grant me vitality, shower me with the waters of good fortune, and anoint me with your blessings, enabling me to attain the success and prosperity I desire.

Sublime Lady of unparalleled beauty, bearer of joy and sweetness, always bestow success, wealth, and financial good fortune upon your devotees.

Come forth with your Holy cornucopia and shower me with your golden coins and abundant resources, along with your divine support.

Benevolent Angel of Fortune, Angel Abundia, a harbinger of happiness who bestows success and enrichment upon many, bring to me gold, silver, riches, and abundant wealth.

Stand before me and bless my life.

Let wealth and good fortune flow, so you may always walk beside me, helping me fulfill my dreams and turn them into reality.

Abundia, Divine Angel of Abundance, talisman of success, love, health, and work, I place you on my altar to guide me in my actions.

Assist me in preserving my virtues, for I am indeed a magnet that attracts Instant Money Miracles, an abundance of resources, and copious amounts of blessed money into my life.

Make me successful in all circles – in my finances, in my projects, in my professional endeavors – so that everything I touch turns to gold and overflows with success.

I was hoping you could guide me in games of chance, making my bets astute.

Direct my hands and my thoughts to align with your energy.

Led me to positive and winning outcomes, allowing me to consistently receive prizes of substantial value, and liberating me from debt and daily struggles.

Manifest balance and well-being within me.

Bless my finances so they may flourish and multiply, ensuring I never again face scarcity or want.

May the energy of money always accompany me, transforming my life in a spectacularly triumphant, joyful, and luminous manner.

Beloved Abundia, I know you will assist me in attaining the abundant wealth I presently need in my life.

I already sense your influence, guiding my thoughts and desires toward victory.

Money is already flowing to me from various anticipated and unexpected sources, continuously, for my sustenance and for my household, as your energy perpetually surrounds me, illuminating my path with the brilliance of fortune and the energy of boundless good luck.

I call upon you to aid in my personal and spiritual growth, facilitating the manifestation of divine riches, abundant blessings in my home, and profits.

Provide all the support necessary for the multiplication of abundant wealth in my life.

Heavenly Spirit of light, grant me your fortune and multiply my investments.

Act in my favor, allowing me to win substantial amounts of money in games and wagers.

May all providence be fruitful, resulting in a multiplication of my financial gains.



In concluding our exploration of the Angel Abundia Blessing Prayer, let the resonance of these sacred words linger in your heart. Trust in the celestial energy of Angel Abundia to guide and bless your journey towards financial prosperity. May this prayer be a source of inspiration, attracting abundance and blessings into your life. Keep the flame of faith burning bright as you navigate the path toward financial well-being, and may the divine blessings of Angel Abundia accompany you on this transformative journey.



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