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Prayers for Instant Money Miracles-Profit Prayer

You will have an explosion of money in your wallet saying this! This Post is on the list of High Demand from the audience so read these prayers for an Instant money miracle. Prayer can give you a huge profit. Recite and then must share.

Who doesn’t worry about lack of money?

You don’t need to be materialistic to want to attract more money into your pocket and that’s why we use profit prayers that work fast.

Our angels do not want suffering or despair for us, they only want our happiness. Ask your angels for the help you need to multiply your sources of income, and to open yourself to reception.

Money can’t buy happiness, but it helps to have a quality of life. And there is no need to feel guilty for longing for abundance and prosperity because thanks to them the bills are paid at home, and moments of pleasure are experienced.

Here is a plan of six essential points that will help us to strengthen our connection with money:

1- Always think in abundance, look around you and you will only see an abundance of everything

2- Every time you spend money, be sure that it will come back multiplied

3- Bless the money you give and the money you receive, everything that is blessed multiplies

4- Do not despair, because despair closes the path of abundance

5- Trust fully in God and his angels, give him your accounts and you will see miracles of prosperity

6- Do your work with love and service and you will see how everything is enlarged in a spectacular way

Instant Money Prayer

I trust in the Lord and lean not unto my own understanding. 

I know that He is with me at all times to prosper me and bring me good success. 

I am not out to become rich in order to consume it with lust. 

It is God’s will alone that I pursue. 

I receive what He wants me to receive and live the way that He wants me to live. 

My prayer is that He will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 

They live well in heaven; therefore I live well on earth. 

Far be it from me to take hold of false humility and not receive His wonderful blessings. 

His Word is my final authority in all circumstances.

I dwell in the very house of God, and I am blessed in every way. 

My praises continually soar into His presence. 

Through Him, I have the strength to do the task He has set before me. 

My heart is set on a pilgrimage to do His will. 

As I pass through the valley of weeping, I make it a place of joy. 

In my presence, it becomes a place of freshwater springs, and I shower blessings upon it like autumn rain. 

I press on from endeavor to endeavor and increase from strength to strength. 

I am a child of the Highest God, and I appear regularly at His throne. 

My Father is my sun and my shield. 

He enlightens and enlivens me as I do His will, and He protects me from danger so that I remain secure. 

He bestows on me His favor and honor, and I am held in high esteem by my peers. 

No good thing will He withhold from me as I daily walk in His ways. 

The Lord never fails to give me an abundance of good things. 

His righteousness goes before me to prepare the way for my steps. 

My land shall indeed yield its harvest. 

O Lord, how manifold are your works! 

In wisdom hast, thou made them all: the earth is full of your riches. 

You have provided more than enough for me to have an abundance in my life. 

How manifold are all of Your works! You knew from the beginning all that would be needed. 

Your provision has always been more than enough. 

I live in the land of plenty and enjoy the bounty of Your inheritance. 

I think in terms of God’s abundance, not the world’s shortages. 

I enjoy the Lord’s prosperity through both trouble and triumph. 

Nothing can stop His goodness in my life. 

Father, I will keep Your Word and walk in Your ways. 

You have given me an understanding of Your precepts, and they are a joy to perform. 

I thank You that You always remember me with favor and never fail to visit me with Your salvation. 

Your thoughts toward me are always for good. 

You have paid my price fully and never hold me to account for my shortcomings. 

I continually experience the good of Your chosen. 

Happiness is my lot and I glory in Your inheritance. 



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    Enock Bwabwayi

    Pray for me to be healed and be rich abundance to do business with service of God , I’m believe that God will bless me,I give thanks to God ,I will receive abundance money through prayers thanks.

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