Ancient Prayer

Ancient Prayer | They Kept It Hidden Due To Its High Power Try It!!

They removed this prayer because of its great power! Try this hidden bible prayer and see your life change!

Praying is not just repeating words in a sentence but feeling and expressing them with your whole being. To pray with power is to collect within you all your faith and hope, and use them to express to God (or whatever you call the Divinity) your wishes and requests.

The best prayer, the most powerful, is the one you do with humility and dedication. Humility does not mean that you should humiliate yourself and say bad things about yourself. On the contrary, humility is presenting yourself before God accepting his will, without preconceptions and even if it is not the same as yours. You shouldn’t tell God how bad you are and then ask him for a favor. To begin your prayer this way is to cut off communication between your soul and Spirit by creating mental distractions, guilt, and contradictions.

The importance of being humble

Accepting the will of God and speaking to him with humility is even accepting that God has better and grander plans for you than you can imagine with your human mind. Be humble at the time of your prayer, asking God to do his will and not yours. Then express the desires of your heart.

Surrender to God all your concerns and all your doubts. And also give him your faith that, by putting your life in his hands, you will be able to clearly see his will and the path he tells you to follow. In order to see that path, that possibility, try to spend enough time in meditation and silence. Listen to your heart, the center of God’s mercy in your being. Allow your mind to accept what your heart dictates and create a plan that goes according to this divine message.

To pray with the power you can use any prayer while holding in your mind and in your whole being your request to God.

Prayer to obtain a miracle in your life

This prayer on video can help you establish in your rational mind the space from which to express your request with faith and confidence that God hears you.

Ancient Prayer

Father, I know that it is not up to me as to how to distribute my tithe. 

You have placed me in the church as a prince/princess who provides. 

My tithe goes to the pastor appointed over me so that he may use the funds as he sees fit. 

I am wise and discerning of the ways of the Lord. 

He has set a specific system for finances on this earth and I intend to align myself with it. 

Therefore, I commit 10 percent of my income to the church.

I give it without reservation into the hands of my pastor, God’s chosen minister, and I fully trust that the right thing will be done with it. 

Father, when I vow a vow to You, I will keep my word. I will not carry the sin of a broken vow in my heart. When it is in my hand to pay it, I will pay it. 

I know that my reputation is contained in the words that I speak. 

Therefore, my word is precious to me. When I give it, I intend to keep it. 

When I make a vow, I pay it without fail. 

I will not concern myself with the prosperity of evil-doers. 

What they are doing cannot stop Your prosperity in my life.

Evil people who compete against me will soon be cut down like the grass and wither as the green herb. 

Father, in all of my ways I will trust in You and do what is right. 

Feed me according to Your Word. Make me dwell richly in the land. 

Increase my ability to advance Your Kingdom. 

Fill my storehouses as a witness against those who pursue prosperity through extortion and greed. 

Let them see the glory of kingdom living that they may be ashamed of and turn from their wicked ways. 

Father, Your presence brings me such joy and gladness.

I truly delight in You. You are the first love of my life. I commit all of my ways to You. 

All that I have and all that I am are in Your hands. Bring me the desires of my heart. 

Give me what my spirit longs for and satisfy this yearning that You have placed within me.

Make my righteousness shine like the dawn and my cause like the noonday sun! 

I do not become stressed out over the actions of evil men, nor do I envy those who do wrong.

They will all fade like the grass in winter, and like the green plants, they will soon die away. 

My purposes are set in the Lord to dwell in His spacious lands and enjoy the abundance of His pastures. 

I stand for what is good and right and trust in Him with unfailing loyalty. 

He is my comfort and my delight, and He gives me all the desires of my heart. 

My way is committed to Him, to trust in Him in every circumstance. 

He will make my righteousness shine like the dawn, and the justice of my cause will blaze like the noonday sun. 

In Jesus’ name.


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1 thought on “Ancient Prayer | They Kept It Hidden Due To Its High Power Try It!!”

  1. To Prayers Help, this is Matthew here from West Auckland, NZ. Just wondering, will you have a prayer for the LAST DAYS or End Times that I believe we are all living in. All believers and Christians know that we are heading for the Second Coming of Christ, Anytime now but are now living in a most exciting time of our lives when THE Trumpet Will Sound and the Dead Will Rise Again! Halleujah!

    Just also wanted to write to you that your website and the Prayers Help DO actually help every life’s situations and causes. I have also copied and printed off some of your prayers as to keep my prayer life going by reading Prayer Helps, prayers OUT LOUD too. I believe Praying OUT LOUD TOO IN YOUR HOUSE, IN YOUR COUNTRY, WHERE EVER YOU ARE helps you, your family and your life situation. Satan HATES that WE AS CHRISTIANS PRAY OUT LOUD TO OUR GOD!
    Anyways, I pray that PrayersHelp team will continue to help those around our world in this time of need and for all to come to Christ, whatever time we have left on this world before Jesus comes back! Isaiah 65:17-19 says “Behold, I AM creating a New Heavens and a New Earth and no one will even think about the old one anymore.”
    We will celebrate with our Lord and God forever and meet our loved ones and look and live with Jesus forever into His wonderful Kingdom.

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