Tribune Clavius

Who was Tribune Clavius ​​in the Bible?

Who was Tribune Clavius ​​in the Bible?

What is a tribune in the Bible?

Claudius Lysias was a Roman soldier mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles of the New Testament. He was military tribune and chiliarch of the Roman garrison in Jerusalem. He rescued the apostle Paul from a mob in Jerusalem, but ordered him to be interrogated under the whip.

Who is the tribune Galio?

Marcellus Galio (Richard Burton) is a proud Roman tribune in the last years of Emperor Tiberius.

How did the Roman soldier die?

After the miracle, the Roman converted to Christianity and abandoned his career as a soldier and decided to preach the Gospel. But he fell at the hands of persecutors of Christians who put him on trial and beheaded them.

What is the significance of the wound in Jesus’ side?

Hence when the Roman soldier pierces the side of Jesus, blood and water come out. This symbolizes the moods that break us in the depths of our emotions and as God the Son proposes that we live confident and hopeful, knowing that through Him we find solution and comfort.

Where was the sacred robe shot?

A good job in production design stands out, a pleasant display of the scenarios where the narration will take place: the Villa of the Gallio family, the streets of Jerusalem, Golgotha, the village of Cana, the catacombs, Caligula’s palace, with all its pageantry and nooks and crannies…


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