Wealth Prayer To Receive A Big Amount Of Money

Wealth Prayer To Receive A Big Amount Of Money

“I need a money blessing” Stop asking for money and say this wealth prayer!

After this prayer, you will receive a lot of money from unexpected sources.

In this video, I bring you a powerful prayer based on scriptures for financial miracles. These bible scriptures can bring you a huge amount of money if you really believe and have faith in its power.

There are financial prayers in the bible, and all the money you want can be manifested in your life in just one instant.

Trusting God for a financial miracle is very important. You only need to believe that you are worthy to receive.

When saying breakthrough prayers for finances, always keep your mind positive as positive thoughts are a prosperity magnet.

How do prayers for prosperity and financial release work? It is written in the scriptures that the more you give, the more you will receive. This means that the planting seeds will be the fruits that you collect in the future.

The laws of the universe never fail. If you need a money blessing urgently, pray this prayer.

Wealth Prayer

Father, I thank You for raising me out of the dust. 

You have lifted me from the dunghill and have made me a member of Your royal court. 

I now enjoy the wealth of Your house and take my place among the princes of Your people. 

I maintain a deep sense of accountability to You. 

I know that You are with me and that You intend for me to fulfill the call You have placed on my life. 

You are my partner in this. You are here right now to help me. 

You are my shield and powerful ally. I thank You for being ever mindful of me. 

You never stop thinking of me, and all of Your thoughts of me are for good. 

You choose to bless me and cause my name to be revered. 

You bless my house so that it is known as a house of blessing. 

You increase me more and more, both me and my children. 

My resources do not dwindle but continually increase. 

You, Father, are the maker of the heavens and the earth and have commanded Your blessing upon me. 

You are the owner of all and have made me Your heir. 

The heavens and the heaven of heavens belong to You: but the earth You have given to me as an inheritance. 

Thank You for my part and my portion. I shall take charge of that which You have given me. 

My heavenly Father takes up my every burden as His own. 

He bears them daily so that I may dwell in His presence in peace and comfort. 

He gives me a copious supply of daily provisions to fill all of my needs. 

He is my salvation from every trouble and my escape from the snares of death. 

I give proper reverence to my heavenly Father and find great delight in His precepts. 

I am blessed in all that I do. 

Wealth and abundance of riches are in my house, and my righteousness has no end. 

I am gracious and compassionate, just like my Father. 

Darkness turns to light in my presence. With me, there is no darkness at all. 

Good things rain down upon me continually, for I have learned the blessings of generosity and give freely for the advancement of God’s kingdom. 

I am known as a just and righteous man/woman. 

I distribute gifts regularly to those in need, and the resulting righteousness endures forever. 

When bad news comes, I am not shaken. 

When the spirit of fear comes against me, I face it with courage.  I know the One in whom my trust is set, and my victory, in the end, is absolutely certain. 


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