Unleashing the Power of Prayer: The Hand of God Prayer for Abundance and BlessingsUnleashing the Power of Prayer: The Hand of God Prayer for Abundance and Blessings

Unleashing the Power of Prayer: The Hand of God Prayer for Abundance and Blessings

The power of prayer comes from the limitless power of God, who listens to our requests and responds to them.  We should have faith that nothing is impossible for Him.  When praying for money, we should do so with humility and sincerity, avoiding selfish motives such as greed or envy. 

Instead, we should focus on praying with a pure heart to receive money without any attachment to material possessions or a desire to surpass others.  We should remember that in the eyes of God, we are all equal. Let’s begin.

Hand of God Prayer

Father, I thank You that You bless me and keep me. You make your face shine upon me, and you are gracious to me.

You lift up your countenance upon me, and you give me peace. Your name is upon me, and you have blessed me.

In you, I have favor and blessings in abundance. It is so awesome to be called by your name.

I rest in the shadow of your wings. Father, I fully trust Your Word.

I do not mentally assent to it but fully trust it. I do not say that I believe and then allow my actions to display mistrust.

I know that You make good on everything You have promised me. I understand that there is more to the situation than what my eyes can see.

You have given Your command of blessing. It cannot be reversed. Therefore, I am blessed.

Father, I choose to be a person of my word. If I say it, I will do it. When I make a pledge, I pay it.

I will not go back on any vow. I will keep my word.

You have made me a conqueror in Your army and have given me the strength to chase down my enemies.

I am grateful for the offensive posture that You have given me, and for the brothers and sisters in Christ who stand with me in battle.

Lord, I am humbled by Your favor upon my life.

You cause everything that I do to be fruitful and prosperous, and You multiply me in all good things.

You have set me apart unto Yourself and have established Your covenant with me.

I am living in the fullness of Your abundance, and I thank You for the continual increase that You bring into my life.

Thank You, Lord, for setting Your dwelling place within me and for never leaving me nor forsaking me.

Your Spirit is always with me, and I am grateful for Your presence that surrounds me.

You are my closest companion on this earth, and I am blessed to have You by my side.

Father, I thank You for breaking the bars of the yoke of slavery that were once on my shoulders.

You have made me free and enabled me to walk with my head held high, free of all bondage.

I am grateful to be Your son/daughter and an heir to Your kingdom.

The Lord has set His face against anyone who would curse me, for He has declared that I am to be blessed. 

In Jesus’ name. Amen.


In conclusion, the Hand of God Prayer is a powerful tool to connect with the limitless power of God and invite abundance and blessings into our lives. By approaching prayer with humility, sincerity, and a pure heart, we align ourselves with God’s will and open ourselves to His divine provision. As we trust in His promises, remain faithful to our words, and walk in the freedom He has given us, we can experience His presence, favor, and multiplication in all areas of our lives.

Let us continue to pray with confidence, knowing that God listens, responds, and delights in blessing His children. May the Hand of God’s Prayer be a source of hope, strength, and transformation for all who seek His abundant provision. Amen

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