Hidden Prayer! Use it with caution!! There is a secret that has been known for thousands of years, and it was passed from generation to generation. He says that many leaders and characters in history knew about it and took advantage of it in their favor, thus achieving power, prosperity, and success.

The secret is the Law of Attraction, which says that positive thoughts attract happiness, prosperity, wealth, health, etc., as much as negative thoughts attract illness, misery, and loneliness.

That is to say that it is directly connected to our thoughts and beliefs that is what we are going to receive.

It shows us that the system lies in giving the individual absolute control over his life, his environment, and his future. If a person wants to change, it is decided.

According to the law of attraction, people attract what they want into their life, consciously or unconsciously, they attract the circumstances that they live in on a daily basis.

Direct your thoughts toward what you want to achieve, focus only on that, think about it, talk about it, write, and draw. Activate the Power of Attraction of the Universe in your favor to achieve your goals.

Hidden Prayer

Father, examine my life. Take note of where my treasure is. Through my giving, I have proven that my heart is with You. You alone are my provider. 

I acknowledge that without You I would have nothing. Therefore, I am not afraid to give. 

I have no fear because I know it is Your good pleasure to give me the kingdom. When I give, You give back to me in abundance. 

The riches I receive in return never fail. They cannot be corrupted or stolen. 

My harvest is always protected by Your anointing, and in You, my increase is eternally guaranteed. 

Father, I never want to be found outside of You. You are the surest source of security in my life. 

Even Your servants have abundance with plenty to spare. 

How much more shall You give to me, Your child? Thank You for making me Your heir. 

Thank You for placing Your best robe upon me and granting me the royal authority of heaven. 

I am now called by Your name, and I enjoy all the benefits of sonship. 

I have no fear of financial ruin. I do not entertain thoughts of bankruptcy or even ruined credit ratings. 

I know that it is my Father’s good pleasure to give me His kingdom. He enjoys showering me with His blessings. 

What have I to fear when I have such a loving Father taking care of me? 

No, I will not fear but will continue to work His unfailing laws of increase. 

I give and I’m given back incorruptible riches. My heart is with my Lord and His provision is with me. 

My Father runs to embrace me every time I turn to Him. His love for me is stronger than any sin I can commit. 

Whenever I turn to my Father in repentance, He immediately dresses me in the festive robe of honor (the robe of His righteousness). 

He doesn’t just put clothes on me but adorns me in the finest of apparel. 

He then has the signet ring placed upon my finger and reinstates me to my position of authority as His child.

He has shoes placed upon my feet so that I am well prepared to expand the borders of His kingdom. 

He breaks out the fatted calf (that tremendous supply of the new covenant where there is enough to spare and to share) and bids me to take my fill in great joy and gladness. 

All of the angels of God come together to rejoice with us, for the power of death has been broken over my life, and I have been reborn into the royal family of Almighty God! 

I always remember how far God has brought me, how patient He has been towards me, and how much He has forgiven me of. 

Being an imitator of my Father, I am resolved to be just as patient and forgiving as He is. 

In Jesus’ name.


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    Marquita Calhoun

    That was so powerful I had to read it out loud..yes I receive that in the name of Jesus no matter what situation I stay grateful cause he always shows favor 🙏

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