Supreme Power Prayer

Supreme Power Prayer | Repeat Only Once Money Will Come |100% Guaranteed

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I want to share with you a fascinating prayer of invocation to the divine and supreme power, the creator of the universe. 

This prayer has the potential to change your life forever through its incredibly powerful and miraculous ability to manifest your desires. 

By performing this prayer just once, with unwavering faith and vibrating energy in your words, you can receive this profound blessing. 

Supreme Power Prayer for Money

I humbly beseech the Lord, my only God, to remove from me at this moment all negative energy, limiting beliefs, and individuals that hinder my personal, financial, spiritual, and professional growth.

Grant me the ability to become as prosperous and successful as the wealthiest person I know.

Today, I come before you to request, through this prayer, the great victory and triumph that I truly deserve.

Furthermore, I ask that I may bear witness to the magnificent and merciful power of God by receiving the miracle of a tremendous blessing in my household, akin to a gift from the universe, in the form of money and prosperity.

Lord God, how can you hear the plea of this needy child who can no longer endure countless material trials?

Here I am, filled with faith and yearning for hope, truly believing that you can and will change my life.

Elevate me from the depths of despair and transform me into a wealthy, thriving, and abundantly happy individual.

I have faith in the boundless power of this infinite universe, which you have perfectly created.

Today, I anticipate an immediate and gratifying response, as I receive a divine flow of energy that will bring the necessary funds to permanently transform my life.

Celestial peace, creator of all existence, I beseech you with unwavering faith and absolute trust to grant my request.

May the money come to me and remain by my side.

Numerous lucrative opportunities, favorable deals, and lottery prizes allow me to become a prosperous, abundant, and influential individual.

With all my heart and without fear of embracing happiness, I implore you, for you know that I harbor no greed or malice in my heart.

Greed does not define me. I am worthy of all these blessings.

Today, I implore you to manifest all of this because I am fully prepared to receive it with profound gratitude.

Lord, I know that money is coming to me today. Through this prayer, I am receiving your miraculous blessing of prosperity.

Henceforth, I will be like a powerful magnet, attracting all the wealth I desire, whenever I desire it.

From this day forward, earning a substantial amount of money will come easily to me.

Oh, dear God, Sovereign King of the universe, I am already feeling immense gratitude for the abundant rain of money you are showering upon my household.

Your word has been fulfilled, and I can only express my gratitude for the rest of my life for the countless blessings that will continue to come my way.

Today, money flows into my hands and will never leave.

God has blessed me with the gift of divine prosperity, enabling me to transform into a powerful magnet for wealth, luck, love, happiness, and the fulfillment of all my desires.

I can achieve it through the power of God, and I will always receive it with profound gratitude. Amen.

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