Prosperity Prayer: Your Pathway to Financial Success and Happiness

The Prosperity Prayer presented here is a powerful expression of gratitude and reverence to the Divine Source of Prosperity. It encapsulates the understanding that abundance flows into our lives through divine presence and guidance.

This prayer is an invitation to align with the infinite grace and wisdom that surrounds us. It acknowledges that challenges are opportunities for growth and learning and that every aspect of life is part of a divine plan. With faith and trust in this divine order, we can co-create a life filled with prosperity, good health, and financial comfort.

This prayer serves as a reminder that we are conscious co-creators, responsible for shaping our lives positively, with the guidance of the Eternal Source of Prosperity.

Prosperity Prayer

Divine and Eternal Source of Prosperity,

I come before you with a heart full of gratitude and reverence.

I thank you for the powerful blessings of prosperity that flow into my life through your divine presence.

I stand here in the channel of rituals, open and receptive to your abundant grace.

I acknowledge your light that shines upon me and fills every aspect of my being.

At this moment, I offer my thanks for your guidance and wisdom.

I place my name before you, and I reveal the city from which I watch, knowing that you are ever-present, guiding me on my path.

I understand that challenges are stepping stones to progress and growth.

With your infinite flow of blessings, I embrace every situation in my life as an opportunity to learn and evolve.

I accept that everything is part of your divine plan, nothing is by chance, and I surrender to your wisdom.

Help me realize that within myself lies the power to overcome any obstacle.

I trust in your support, and I have faith that all issues can be resolved through the infinite wisdom you bestowed upon me.

With your guidance, I release all doubts and fears, replacing them with confidence and trust in your divine order.

I am a conscious co-creator, aware of my responsibility in shaping my life.

I recognize the importance of using the energy of money wisely and appreciate the prosperity that flows from you.

With your grace, I align my thoughts and feelings with the highest vibrations, allowing your divine advice to lead me towards the light.

I know that small steps towards positive changes precede significant transformations, and I welcome your guidance in this journey.

In times of turmoil and pain, I will not rage or curse but, instead, I will seek the understanding of the lessons you present.

I accept that all experiences, both comfortable and uncomfortable, have a purpose and a place in my growth.

Dear Eternal Source of Prosperity, I ask for your continuous support and blessings to lead a life of abundance, peace, good health, and financial comfort.

Allow me to embrace my co-creative nature and follow the path you illuminate.

As I open my heart to your endless flow of prosperity, may it spill into every area of my life, bringing only good things and peace.

I offer my gratitude for your eternal presence and the love you bestow upon me, from the depths of my heart.

Thank you, Eternal Source of Prosperity, for being with me always, guiding me towards prosperity, purpose, and infinite love.



In conclusion, the Prosperity Prayer is a heartfelt expression of our gratitude to the Eternal Source of Prosperity. It reminds us to remain open and receptive to the divine blessings that continuously flow into our lives. Through challenges and triumphs alike, we recognize that every experience has a purpose and contributes to our growth.

With unwavering faith and trust, we align our thoughts and feelings with higher vibrations, allowing divine guidance to lead us toward the light. This prayer reaffirms our commitment to responsible co-creation and the wise use of financial energy. As we open our hearts to the boundless flow of prosperity, may it enrich every aspect of our lives with goodness and peace.

With profound gratitude, we acknowledge the eternal presence and love bestowed upon us by the Divine Source of Prosperity, guiding us toward a life of abundance, purpose, and infinite love. Amen.


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