Miracle Prayer For Money | Heavenly Prayer

Miracle Prayer For Money | Heavenly Prayer

Get ready to be amazed as we delve into the incredible journey of Helen, a woman who stumbled upon a secret that changed her life forever. In this captivating video, witness how Helen’s prayers unlocked a torrent of never-ending wealth, propelling her to win not only lotteries but also a multitude of contests, including houses, vehicles, and more.

Helen’s story is a testament to the power of faith and divine manifestation.

Prepare to be inspired as Helen shares her secret to attracting unimaginable prosperity. Discover the transformative prayer she repeated three times a day, opening the floodgates of abundance in her life. As you watch, you’ll come to realize that we are all divine manifestations of God, connected to a wellspring of generosity waiting to fulfill our every wish.

Join us now on this extraordinary journey as we explore the incredible power of prayer and uncover the boundless potential that lies within us all. Don’t miss out on this life-changing revelation.

Tune in and repeat after Helen as she leads us on a remarkable path toward unlimited financial blessings. Get ready to witness the moment Helen discovered the key to her everlasting prosperity – a turning point that will leave you inspired and eager to unlock your own boundless potential.

She won the lottery by saying a prayer that she repeated three times a day.

This is the true story of Helen, a woman from the United States who won not only lotteries but also many other contests.

She won houses, and vehicles, and attracted a significant amount of money throughout her life. At the end of her life, she revealed her secret to attracting all that wealth.

According to Helen, the generosity of God only requires prayer to fulfill all your wishes. We are divine manifestations of God, and nothing can separate us from Him.

Let’s now begin with Helen’s prayer. Repeat after me:

Heavenly Father, I come before You with a heart filled with gratitude and a desire to align myself with Your divine principles.

I choose to be recognized by You as a faithful giver, a cheerful tither.

You are the Lord of my harvest, and I acknowledge that every good thing comes from You.

With joy and obedience, I gladly present to You a tenth of my increase, my tithe.

It is an act of honor and gratitude for all that You have bestowed upon me.

I understand that my tithe is not only a reflection of my faith but also a key to unlocking Your abundant blessings in my life.

Father, I thank You for the assurance that my tithe establishes a covenant partnership between You and me.

It is a seed of strength that fills me with Your anointing and empowers me to prosper in all my financial endeavors.

By following Your principles, I walk in favor and experience Your divine power, enabling me to succeed in everything I set my hands to do.

I am deeply grateful, Father, for Your loving desire for me to enjoy life and experience the goodness it holds.

Through Your abundant blessings, I embrace the good things of every kind.

I thank You for Your perfect will that encompasses my transportation, allowing me to drive a nice car, and my dwelling place, granting me a beautiful home.

You desire the best for me in every aspect of life.

In Your infinite love and provision, You extend Your blessings not only to me but also to my family, friends, pastors, and associates.

Through me, the poor and needy find provision, as You use me as an instrument of Your compassion and generosity.

I stand in awe of Your marvelous and wonderful nature, Father.

Thank You for making life satisfying and abundant for me.

I surrender myself to Your divine plan, embracing Your principles of prosperity and allowing Your blessings to flow through me.

May my life be a testimony of Your faithfulness, love, and provision.

The universe is rich, and we can all enjoy its countless blessings.

Exuberance is my natural state, and I am ready to accept it fully and joyfully.

The universe is abundantly generous, and I am ready to embrace all the happiness and prosperity life has to offer.

Financial success comes easily to me, and I have great financial abundance.

Life is pleasurable and fun, and I am fully willing to enjoy it.

I am rich in consciousness and enlightenment, and unlimited riches flow into my life.

I have more money than I need for my expenses, and with each passing day, I become even richer.

I am happy and grateful. Thank you, thank you.

In Your holy name, I pray. Amen.

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