Lottery Prayers | Jackpot TONIGHT!

Lottery Prayers | Jackpot TONIGHT!

Here’s a lottery Prayers to win the lottery jackpot today. If you want to know how to win the lottery, winning the lottery is possible if you have faith and say the right lottery prayer. You will win a lotto Powerball Jackpot TONIGHT!

The power of prayer is a powerful tool to communicate with God, break down strongholds, and defeat the enemy. Things like generational curses, not being a good manager, or other influences hurt finances. This does not mean that God will not give us favor. Make up your own sentences, or try the following to add to them.

Prayers are a powerful way to communicate with God. There are times when we need help getting out of a financial crisis. Or maybe you need to break the chains of debt and poverty.

Our God, indeed, is a God of abundance. He wants to bless us in our comings and goings. So don’t get anxious or irritable.

Ask the Lord for direction and guidance. Listen to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit. And let the Lord work through his difficult decisions and assignments.

Wealth and riches are in my house, and my righteousness endures forever

Psalm 112:3

God has promised to fulfill your wishes. 

If you ask Him, a miracle will happen.

Say this prayer today, and God will transform your life

You will live a prosperous and victorious life.

Limitless abundance awaits you.

You must be sincere in what you do, 

believe in the Almighty no matter what, 

and recite the prayer to win the lottery.

I will win” lottery Prayers

Heavenly Father, you are so generous.

You fill my heart and soul completely.

I ask, without greed, for Your blessing 

to win the lottery. I ask for financial assistance 

to help me and my family sustain 

a comfortable lifestyle. 

I know there is nothing You can’t do. 

No action that is too far for Your reach, 

no prayer goes unheard or unanswered by You. 

I am here at Your feet with an open heart and 

open hands, ready to receive whatever financial 

relief You will offer me with no greed in my heart. 

I want to help others dear to my heart and in 

my community, and ask for You to give me 

what I need to win the lottery to assist my community. 

I am grateful for what You have given me thus far, 

but I ask for more of Your greatness to restore 

my debt, in order to give more of my services 

to my family, and friends. All in Your glory, Lord. 

I give thanks to You for all of the sacrifices 

you have given to us as Your children. 

I praise and glorify Your holy name. 

I am humbled and have the deepest appreciation 

to be chosen as one of Your holy children. 

I seek Your guidance, Lord, and Your holy, 

almighty blessings as I am looking to win the lottery. 

I know it is You who has placed this wish in 

my heart, and so I will follow Your word, Father. 

I know it is You, Father, who is guiding me. 

And as I make my wish, Your command, 

I show that I am worthy of Your holy gift.

Although I have sinned, You have still blessed me. 

Although I am not perfect, in Your eyes I am, 

and You have forgiven me for all of my sins 

and love me with all of my imperfections. 

I worship and kneel before You, Lord. 

I ask You, the Almighty, to help us get out 

of debt and overcome our financial difficulties. 

Please give us a way out from this financial 

hardship and bless us with the gift of winning 

the lottery. You have given us so much, 

and I feel unworthy of Your greatness.

But I ask for Your mercy and love. Please 

help me and my family at this low point of our life.

I overflow with your love, kindness, and grace.

I work hard each day to bring you glory.

I give all of my energy to others

without expecting anything in return.

Please share a large sum of money

with me and my family.

Your money will help so many people

and relieve the stress I feel each month.

Know that I am your good and faithful servant.

Ready to take care of your wealth. 

I have been faithful with small amounts of money. 

I am ready to be put in charge of more wealth.

Lord God I come humbling myself before you. 

Father, I love you and will obey your word. 

God I am yours and you are the one true Living God. 

I declare blessings today. 

I declare for people to be set free from bondage, 

to be released from their sins and their fathers sin. 

On this day God I ask for your supernatural 

Favor on everyone here today Lord.

In your son Jesus name Amen.

Type “Amen” if you believe a miracle is coming.

You are blessed with abundance.

“Ask, and it will be given to you; 

seek, and you will find; 

knock, and it will be opened to you.”

Matthew 7:7

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Let us make God the center of everything we do by including him in the simplest activities and events of our lives. And let us see the manifestation of the power of God!

Do not worry or worry about anything, but in all circumstances and in everything, through prayer and petition (definite requests), with thanksgiving, continue to make your desires known to God.

prayer to ask for money Prayer for a financial blessing I praise You, O Mighty King, I bless Your Holy Name. Thank You for providing all my needs, according to Your riches in Glory.

You never fail me, even in these difficult times, when finances are low and worry invades my mind.

Help me to be at PEACE, Father, confident in Your blessed assurance that You will supply all my needs, with Your rich abundance.

Psalm 35:27 27 Sing for joy and rejoice those who favor my just cause. And let them continually say: “May the Lord be magnified, who delights in the prosperity of his servant,



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  1. With the help love and grace of God I AM blessed with winning lottery and I AM so blessed thankful Thank you thank you thank you for blessing me with finally win perfect right amount from the lottery may it be a great gift blessing in my life all those around me brings me closer to God family love ones thank you help guide me to alway use lottery winnings money as a tool for good to better my life and to help others thank you help guide me to always make smart wise investments build generational wealth to share enjoy with family love ones charities for many years generations thank you thank you thank you in Jesus Christ name our Lord and Savior Amen.

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