Financial Blessing Prayers Best Prayers Lines (1)

Financial Blessing Prayers | Best Prayers Lines

Claim your miracle! Check of Abundance. Jesus Christ wants to help and bless you abundantly. Read these Financial Blessing Prayers means One Of Best Prayers Lines Post for your Prosperity

God wants to give you a double blessing:

God will give you a two fold recompense

Isaiah 61:7

The prophet Isaiah says that when God pays you back, He will pay you back double.

He wants to pour out His far and beyond favor onto you. When you are praying in accordance with the purposes of God in scriptures, your prayers work to prosper you.

The prophet Isaiah says that 

when God pays you back, 

He will pay you back double. 

He wants to pour out His 

far and beyond favor onto you.

When you are praying in accordance 

with the purposes of God in scriptures, 

your prayers work to prosper you.

God has a big dream for your life.

Say these prayers today to claim your abundant blessings

Opening Scripture

“How blessed is the man who fears the Lord, 

who greatly delights in His commandments. 

His descendants will be mighty on earth; 

The generation of the upright will be blessed. 

Wealth and riches are in his house, and 

his righteousness endures forever” 

(Ps. 112:1-3)

Financial Blessing Prayer

Father, thank you that You are still 

on the throne, and You are my vindicator. 

Thank You that You can bring me out of 

difficulties better off than I was before. 

I believe that You are going to exceed

my expectations and amaze me.

I pray that I will continually experience 

financial breakthroughs this month and 

lack will not be my portion in Jesus name.

Oh God, in your mercy, establish the works 

of your hands so that it prospers exceedingly 

in Jesus name.

 will never lack or suffer hunger, I will always 

have more than enough in Jesus name.

I will never be in want of anything good, 

good things will never cease from my home 

in Jesus name.

My needs will always be met, everything I need 

to have a good life is supplied in Jesus name.

Oh God, continue to enrich me so that I will 

continually have in abundance in Jesus name.

I pray that I will always experience an increase

on all sides, may my coffers never run out in Jesus name.

I pray today that my family and I are blessed 

financially and we will have no reason to beg 

or borrow. May our purse never go dry in Jesus name.

I am blessed in the morning, blessed in the 

afternoon, blessed in the evening and blessed 

every single moment of my life in Jesus name.

May my finances experience multiplication, 

may it never know depression in Jesus name.

Enrich me greatly oh Lord and let your 

blessings overshadow my life in Jesus name.

May my hard work start paying off, 

this is the season for my harvest and 

I will reap in bountiful folds in Jesus name.

Guide my decisions oh Lord, so I know what 

to invest in and when to invest in Jesus name.

Bless me oh Lord so that I will

be a giver, bless and enrich me greatly

so I give generously and greatly.

I will not be a disappointment to my family, 

I will be a source of blessing to my family 

and the generations to come.

Father, I will have and have in excess so 

much that I give to people around me and bless lives.

Lord, send financial helpers my way, send 

people that will bless and enrich my life greatly 

in Jesus name.

I cancel every misfortune working against 

my financial prosperity in Jesus name.

Every unpleasant circumstance in my life 

is turned around for good in Jesus name. 

My days of helplessness and lack are over.

Irrespective of how bad the economy is, 

I will never lack. My family and I will always 

have in abundance.

By the grace of God, I seize every opportunity 

that crosses my path today. I will return home 

joyful and fulfilled today.

I am blessed with knowledge and wisdom 

to work and work well. My labor is fruitful 

in Jesus name.

My purse will never be empty, It will never run out. 

My purse will never be empty, I will never lack 

in Jesus name.

I will be wealthy, materially and 

intellectually in Jesus name.

May my glory shine, may it’s light never be dim. 

May my glory shine, may it advertise the goodness 

of God in my life in Jesus name.

Every financial barrenness in my life is 

turned into fruitfulness in Jesus name.

Father, give me reason to always be thankful 

whenever I check out my finances in Jesus name.

I confess this day that I am prosperous, 

I have all I have ever wanted, I do not borrow, 

I have in abundance.

Make me a financial pillar in my family 

oh Lord, so that people come to me and 

I always have enough to give.

30. May prosperity visit me, from the north, 

east, south and west. May I be forever prosperous.

31. Father, wipe clean all the records and 

history of poverty in my life and change the 

story of my family for good in Jesus name.

I refuse to be poor, I stand against every

poverty in my family lineage in Jesus name.

Lord, open the doors of heaven and 

pour down your blessings upon my family 

in Jesus name.

Visit me in your kindness oh Lord and 

rewrite the history of my life in Jesus name.

Change my name oh Lord, change my name 

and my situation for the best in Jesus name.

 Lord Jesus, clothe me with your garment of 

blessings, overshadow me with wealth on all sides 

in Jesus name.

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You are blessed for today.

Repeat these abundance prayer points everyday.

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Say “Amen” and how you will use your rewards and prosperity to help others in this life.

That’s it you have to Recite These Prayers with Believe and Faith good news is Near to you. If you Want to appreciate Us Write In the Comment Box Below

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The Message From Your Angel For Today It tells you that the key word and the angelic guide is INTENSITY with which you will live new experiences throughout the next few days. Your life begins to receive numerous experiences that will fill you with good feelings, positive emotions and a lot of joy. You may feel that everything is so intense that you cannot pay attention to all the good that comes to you, but you must trust that everything will unfold with peace within you despite the intensity of the good news that comes to you.

Today a person you trust is going to be honest with you and share valuable information about a matter that is your concern. You must listen calmly and allow him to explain himself, do not make the mistake of interrupting him continuously, because after the conversation that you are going to have, you will feel very relieved and relaxed. Today you will have knowledge of very important things and you should know well who you trust to tell them, because you have already suffered from other people’s gossip before and you should not make the same mistake again.

You will come out of the silence in which you found yourself and you will finally express what you were silent for a long time. Today you will be able to express yourself correctly and you will be more communicative than usual. Today you should also listen carefully to others, because you will have news that will concern your economy and you must be attentive. You will learn a lot from the older people in your family, but keep in mind that they will not always be right, just because they are older does not mean that they are necessarily right.

You have an agreement pending to close and today you will have a very good idea for the negotiation. You are now in a better position to negotiate and to get what you want. Remember that you do not have to humiliate others or take advantage of them, try to reach a fair treatment while always respecting others. Take the hand of your angel and you can solve this matter with ease.

And the angelic influences of today help human beings to find support in others, to help and to be helped. These influences will allow you to delegate tasks, cooperate with the people around you, and you will be able to find more support than usual. Take advantage of these influences to do team tasks and resolve issues involving multiple people.

Your angel’s advice for today is: Perhaps you are noticing changes in your way of being over the years. Also your physical body and your spiritual body undergo changes, you must understand that this is part of growth and evolution. Do not look at the past with resentment, see it as a teaching that allowed you to grow.



God protects you and the Angels guide your way!



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    Amen! I pray for those struggling, like myself, to be blessed by the Lord Jesus and in faith. May all of your prayers be answered and your struggles no more!

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