Angel Abundia Prayer Financial help

Angel Abundia Prayer | Financial help

The prayer we are offering today is perhaps the most powerful on our Blog I recommend finding a calm and quiet place to pray effectively. Angel Abundia listens to those in dire need of abundance and financial help. 

Many people, throughout history and across cultures, have turned to prayer and spiritual practices for guidance and support, including in times of financial difficulty. The “Angel Abundia Prayer” is one such example, believed by some to offer a connection to a source of abundance and prosperity. In this writing, we’ll explore the origins and potential meaning of this prayer, particularly focusing on its use in seeking financial help.

Angel Abundia Prayer

Beloved Angel Abundia, today I seek your divine intervention to usher in a flow of abundant wealth into my life.

I ask for the serenity necessary to embrace this abundance, coupled with the divine love that will enable me to achieve and sustain it.

Instill in me an unwavering faith in the potential of wealth, enriching my mind with thoughts abundant in positivity and possibility.

O Divine Lady, generously bestow upon me the fruits of prosperity, nurturing my spirit and life with your bounteous gifts.

Grace me with an essence of sweetness, mirroring the precious nature of rubies, sapphires, and diamonds.

Let these gems symbolize the enduring prosperity and abundance that only you can manifest in my life.

I implore you to unlock the vaults of financial riches, drawing from your horn the specific abundance I so deeply need.

Bring this prosperity directly to me, ensuring that it becomes a permanent fixture in my life, never to elude me again.

I earnestly request that you open the spring of riches within my home, allowing it to overflow with the supreme love of our Creator, God.

Let this divine outpouring bathe my surroundings, infusing my life with an abundance that transcends material Wealth and Property, encompassing spiritual and emotional prosperity.

With this powerful invocation, I call upon you, O great Angel of Abundance.

I implore you to embody your most angelic and majestic form and listen with fervent attentiveness to this prayer.

Your proven efficacy in blessing others with abundance instills in me a hopeful certainty that this prayer will be equally effective for me.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to you, Lord Abundia, for Ensuring the blessings you are about to bestow upon my life.

I eagerly anticipate the riches that will start filling my life with abundance from today onwards, continuing into the endless bounds of time.

I offer my praises and exaltations to you, Abundia, the sacred and powerful angel representing the abundance of the kingdom of heaven.



Whether you view the “Angel Abundia Prayer” as a tool for manifesting abundance, connecting with a higher power, or simply a source of comfort and hope, its presence in various cultures speaks to the universality of seeking support during challenging times. Ultimately, the power of prayer lies in the individual’s belief and intention. Remember, true abundance often comes not just from material wealth, but also from gratitude, resourcefulness, and a helping hand from others.


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