The Powerful Prayer of Doña Vicenza: Embracing Wisdom and Spiritual Healing

The Powerful Prayer of Doña Vicenza: Embracing Wisdom and Spiritual Healing

In this Post, we feature a prayer from Doña Vincenza, an elderly woman who has traveled far to share the wisdom passed down through the women in her family.  She has a long history of helping those in need and is here to offer her assistance to you.

Please watch this video in its entirety and share it with your loved ones. It’s crucial that you listen to the entire prayer.  Let us start with a blessing from the Holy Spirit. I’ve asked Mrs. Vicenza to do me a personal favor by using your full name and country to offer a prayer on your behalf.

As a firm believer in the power of good souls and spiritual healing, I trust that Mrs. Vicenza has the ability to change destinies, dispel negative energies, intervene in situations of injustice, and help those who sincerely ask for her help.  People like her are a beacon of hope and the solution that those of us who have faced challenges for so long have been waiting for.

Prayer of Doña Vicenza

Mrs. Vicenza, please remove any obstacles that prevent me from achieving my goals. 

I’m always ready to embrace new experiences, and I put my heart into everything I do. 

I do not prohibit the flow of prosperity in my life by harboring unconfessed sin. 

It is my continuous prayer that the Holy Spirit reveal to me anything in my life that does not glorify Him, and I am reliable to renounce and turn away from all sin no matter how menial it may seem. 

I never forget that I am a born-again child of God. 

I do not stand idle and allow myself to be beaten upon, but I retaliate in the spirit of love and goodness under the direction of the Holy Spirit. 

I love my heavenly Father with all of my minds, all of my spirit, and all of my physical strength. 

His Word is implanted and deeply rooted in my mind and in my heart. 

I whet and sharpen the Word within me that it may pierce through to my mind and my spirit. 

I impress the statutes of my God diligently upon the minds of my children. 

I talk of them when I sit in my house when I walk by the wayside when I lie down, and when I rise up. 

I bind them as a sign on my hand and as an ornament before my eyes. 

I write them on the doorposts of my house and upon my gates. 

By these statutes, I receive an abundance of blessings. 

By the promise of the Lord, I am brought into a prosperous dwelling. 

Through Him, my home is supplied with an abundance of good things. 

All that I have has been given to me by His grace. 

It is the Lord who prospers me and gives me an inheritance of things that I did not provide. 

I will not forget what He has done for me. 

I thank You, Father, for being my unfailing provider. You know all that I endure in this life. 

You know every hardship and trial. In all situations, You are always there for me. 

You always cause me to prosper in whatever I set my hand to do. 

You see to it that I am fed and clothed. You never fail to provide for me. Because of You, I shall never want. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


In conclusion, the prayer of Doña Vicenza carries immense wisdom and spiritual guidance. It is a reminder that we should embrace new experiences, renounce sin, and love God with all our hearts. As we seek prosperity and blessings, let us remember that our provider is unfailing, always there to meet our needs.

With faith and sincerity, we can overcome obstacles and find solace in the divine intervention of the Holy Spirit. May the prayer of Doña Vicenza inspire us to live a life filled with love, goodness, and unwavering trust in God’s providence

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