Powerful Prayer

Powerful Prayer of the day

Some Powerful prayers are here with magic just read out these prayers with faith and just wait for the magic God will solve your Problems and Prosperity will come to You. Don’t forget to share it.


She cried with emotion when she saw that this prayer works!

How easy life would be if we had everything we want, what we want most, and that we always have it in hand and we can do what we want when we want; but this does not happen that way, therefore, sometimes we tend to force things that happen to us thinking that this is fine, and no. One way to get what you want is with this prayer to make a wish.

If we could choose everything we want at the moment, or desire it and have it, life would be much simpler, but just as it lends itself to the good, it can also be given to the negative. This is why it is necessary to work for what you want and search for it tirelessly. Prayer in one way or another can help us to get what we want, but it will only happen if it is in our divine designs.

Ask yourself first what it is that you want so that you can understand the problem that would cause. In itself, the human being is quite ambitious and always seeks to impose himself on others, who do not have the same. Desires are a dangerous weapon since we must be very careful with what we wish for because sometimes we do not know how we would act under that condition.

Think about what you want most in your life and imagine the whole situation, how it would change and how you would feel. This is something to which we do not have clear answers, therefore we can only speculate and imagine how everything would be, which does not always happen.

Powerful Prayer

Father, You have said that wisdom is the principal thing. 

Therefore, I make it a top priority to gather knowledge for myself. 

Open the eyes of my understanding so that I may know how to deal rightly with the knowledge I gain. 

Please give me the insight to build and establish my house. 

Teach me how to fill my chambers with all precious and pleasant riches. 

Father, teach me wise planning. 

Show me how to prepare my work so I may have the means to build my house. 

I will not put the cart before the horse. 

I know that it is foolish to start a project if the means are not available to finish it. 

Therefore, fill me with Your wisdom, Father, and teach me the ways of wise planning so that I may glorify You with a house worthy of a child of God. 

I know that Your justice cannot be thwarted. 

If I choose to get rich at the expense and extortion of others, I will only sow the seeds of my own downfall. 

It is not in my heart to be that kind of person. 

My desire is to see Your blessings rain down upon everyone in my circle of influence. 

I am blessed to be a blessing, and that’s just what I intend to be. 

Reveal to me any sin that would hinder my prosperity. 

I know that I receive from You by grace through faith and not because of my own righteousness, but I also know that seedtime and harvest are in the earth and that I will reap what I sow. 

Therefore, help me to see any hindrance that stands in my way so that I may cast it from my life and move forward in the ways of prosperity and abundance. 

Thank You for teaching me to live honorably and patiently. 

I do not pursue get-rich-quick schemes or follow vain persons who continually go from one system to another in their pursuit of easy prosperity. 

I find what works and then I work on it. I set my hand to the plow and keep it there. 

I am a diligent and faithful man/woman, and in accordance with Your Word, I shall abound with blessings! 

I do not prohibit the flow of prosperity in my life by harboring unconfessed sin. 

It is my continuous prayer that the Holy Spirit reveal to me anything in my life that does not glorify Him, and I am reliable to renounce and turn away from all sin no matter how menial it may seem. 

I am diligent in knowing the exact state of my financial affairs. 

I keep a careful accounting and know where every penny goes. 

I know everything about my business so that I can guard against those things that would rob me of my substance. 

I do not lash out against those who make themselves to be my enemies. 

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