Abundance Prayer |Just listen to this prayer to attract money now

Abundance Prayer |Just listen to this prayer to attract money now

An Amzing Abundance Prayer for you must read and share this post. Do not do anything and just listen to this prayer to attract money now

I want to tell you that after saying this prayer, I lit a candle and remained silent, visualizing large amounts of cash, and so on for three days in a row. Then abundance began to manifest in me and around me.

Well-paid job offers came to me, better than what I had at the time. My friends volunteered spontaneously to lend me money without having to pay it back. And my family’s business began to receive many clients and grow in a way that we still cannot believe. That is why, since that day, I have not stopped praying this prayer that I want to share with you today.

WHAT DOES MY ANGEL WANTS FROM ME TODAY? When you are convinced and determined to do good, your soul will always find the way. When you are determined to act from love and find God, your inner strength will guide you perfectly.

Your Guardian Angel wants from you today: That you understand that good, truth and love are in your nature, and that when you want to move towards that, the entire universe conspires in your favor. The laws of the universe govern the order in which everything is, in which everything moves, and the maximum expression of these laws is love, good, truth and unity.


WHAT DOES MY ANGEL WANTS FROM ME TODAY? It is the interpretation and spiritual teaching that Your Angel gives you about TODAY’S GOSPEL 07/07/2022: Because the Gentiles who do not have the law do by nature what is of the law; these, though they have no law, are law unto themselves. Romans 2:14

Abundance Prayer

Father, Your blessing exceeds the blessing of kings. 

In You I have abundance to the extreme and enjoy a very great household. 

You bless me and make my name great so that I may be a blessing on this earth. 

Enclose me in the hedge of Your protection. Secure my home and all that I have. 

Guard me on every side. Bless the work of my hands and expand my borders. 

Increase my substance, and make my influence felt throughout the earth. 

I won’t pay attention to what my eyes see. 

I know that there is more to the story than what is displayed in my circumstances. 

My beginnings may look small, but my latter end shall greatly increase. 

You are now causing my substance to increase immeasurably. 

My habitation is prosperous indeed. 

What You have blessed is blessed forever. 

David had a yearning to build You a house, and it touched Your heart.

I too have a deep-seated desire to build Your house. 

I seek first the establishment of Your kingdom and Your righteousness. 

Therefore, look upon me and bless me as You did David. 

Make me a provider for Your kingdom and build my house as I build Yours. 

Increase me and prosper me as only You can. 

Establish me as a house built upon a rock. 

Bless me with Your blessing, and prosper me according to Your Word.

I know I can never outgive 

You. You bless me continually and multiply back to me all that I have sown into Your kingdom. 

It is easy to give to such a loving Father. Your faithfulness is unfailing. 

Therefore, I give to You willingly, with a cheerful heart of faith.

I know that in You I will always have enough with plenty to spare. 

I only ask that You increase me even more, Father. 

Increase my holdings so that I may give even more bountifully and be a blessing to others.  

I thank You for making me a builder in life. I shall advance Your kingdom. 

I long to be a part of building projects and every endeavor that causes Your kingdom to increase. 

Bless me financially, Father. Prosper me according to Your Word, and I will arise and build. 

My Father grants me success in all that I set my hand to do. 

He bids me to lay claim to my rightful inheritance on this earth. 

The Lord causes my substance to increase continually. 

His undeniable blessing is evident in my life. 

The world cannot help but take notice of the love and favor He shows me. 

God has placed a hedge of protection around my family, myself, and everything that I have; and the enemy cannot penetrate it no matter how hard he tries. 

The Lord blesses all of the work of my hands, making me prosperous and very wealthy. 

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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    leticia merla

    Help me Lord to be out of my total debt now, to serve you thru my charity and help others for your Glory of my God.

  2. Thanks to god please help me please blessings please seved thankyou lord’s I believe in Jesus Christ name Amen thankyou please pray for me brother please prayer myself very struggling in financial problems please help me I need five lakh today given my lone please help me
    Thanks to all

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