Most Powerful Prayer Ever

Most Powerful Prayer Ever

They removed this prayer because of its great power πŸ“– now you can use it and This prayer was hidden due to its high power.

The Secret Prayer of the Bible for prosperity is one of the most powerful requests addressed to the universe for our financial prosperity.

Many of us have been immersed in situations of sadness, pain, and despair due to lack of money. It is not easy to work hard every day, and when you receive your payment, to realize that the money is not enough for you.

The good news is that there are some actions that can help us attract more money. Create massive wealth and start living a fulfilling life, because our minds don’t rest, regardless of whether we do or not.

Today is a special day because we bring you a powerful prayer so that you never lack cash in your pockets. And this is the Secret Prayer of the Bible so that you do not lack money

Each fragment of the sentence has been extracted from hidden documents and with a lot of power. This prayer is known as the sacred prayer for the activation of abundance and prosperity.

In order for you to have abundance in your life, you must pray this prayer daily. The more times you do it, the faster you will change your mindset.

Remember. In order to think abundantly, you must think positively. Remove from your mind all thoughts of scarcity and need. Never think “I can’t”. Focus your mind on personal and financial greatness.

Start by activating your mind positively by claiming this prayer. Watch the video and type Amen in the comments.

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Powerful Prayer

Thank You, Father, for never leaving me nor forsaking me. 

I trust in You with all of my heart. I know that You will never fail me.

I have the shield of Your protection and the power of Your anointing in every situation I face. 

Because of You, no one is able to succeed against me. 

Therefore, I will be strong and of good courage at all times.

I will not allow ignorance of fear to prevail in my life.Β 

I observe Your Word and act on it.

I meditate on it day and night so that I may do what its precepts tell me to do. 

Through Your Word, Father, I prosper wherever I go and in whatever task I undertake. 

I have good success and deal wisely in all of the affairs of life. 

Therefore, I am not afraid to step out in faith and take hold of what You have given me. 

Through all of the battles of life,I know that You have made me more than a conqueror. 

I know how to fight the war over my finances and bring home the spoils of victory. 

You train me thoroughly, Father, and I always emerge triumphant. 

I set myself firmly on the task of creating wealth.

Through all the days of my life, not one of my enemies will be able to stand against me.

My father is with me. Even more so, He has taken up residence inside of me. 

Therefore, I will be strong and courageous. 

I have complete confidence in His ability to give me the victory. 

I encounter danger and difficulties with firmness and without fear. 

I am bold, brave, and resolute. 

I fulfill my calling in a spirit of valor and determination that overcomes any obstacle that the enemy would put in my path. 

I do not turn from God’s Word. 

I make it the cornerstone of my life so that I may prosper in all that I do. 

I speak the Word continually. 

I meditate upon it day and night so that I may do all that is written therein. 

Through this, I make my way prosperous, have good success, and deal wisely in all of the affairs of my life.Β 

I do not shrink back from God’s Word. 

I am faithful, strong, vigorous, bold, and very courageous. 

Fear has no place in my life, for the Lord is with me wherever I go! 

I spoil the enemy and take back what is rightfully mine. 

I return from battle with great wealth and riches, with an abundance of livestock and a plentiful supply of silver, gold, bronze, iron, and fine clothing. 

I return with an abundance of riches and divide the spoils with the church. 

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Trust, ask him from your heart.

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    Katrina Jackson

    Thank you all for this Prayer, it is greatly needed and appreciated! πŸ™‚ I am a breast cancer survivor because I am still doing chemo and maybe God isn’t ready for me yet. πŸ™‚

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