Secret prayer that produces miracles in 24 hours

Secret prayer that produces miracles in 24 hours

Ancient prayer works so fast it’s scary! This miraculous and secret prayer will help you to make an important request. This prayer requires Faith but it will give you excellent results.

The best known blessings always end up being those that treasure a certain time of existence. Because it also means that they have great power, that is why it is important to know, what are the three prayers to achieve miracles? And that our favors be fulfilled, which is requested of the Almighty God.

These prayers are made with faith to be certain that a miracle is close to being seen.

It can be used for all kinds of problems. It may be due to family, money, health or other problems. All you need is to have something to ask for and pray it well as we are going to put it here.

Many people pray and do not even know that the Father is God. If you are going to pray to God, it is important to know that it is to him that you are praying because the prayer will only be successful if you pray with great faith and believe in him.

This prayer is addressed to God, always remember that you have to believe in him and have a lot of faith for it to work. Now that you know who the Divine Eternal Father is, you can advance in this brief teaching.

If you believe in what you say and have a lot of faith you can be sure that you will be able to get any kind of grace that you need.

We are going to present the best and strongest prayer of all.

Always believe in the prayer to ask God for a miracle (powerful and urgent) that we will leave below.

Secret Prayer 

Father, I thank You that You are a good Father and that You take good care of Your children. 

You are an unfailing provider. 

Any time in my life that I have suffered lack was my own doing and not Yours. 

You have placed within me all of the abilities I need to be prosperous and successful. 

You have made Your promise to me that if I will do things Your way, I will be a lender and not a borrower. 

I will be promoted to positions of authority and responsibility. 

Father, I expect these things in my life.

I know that You make good on Your Word and that I am blessed to be a blessing on this earth. 

Father, I will not judge my brethren harshly. 

Those who are poor can find assistance with me. 

By Your wisdom, Father, I give them what is sufficient for their needs. 

My focus is to bring them out of poverty. 

My desire is to make sure they are fed, clothed, and given shelter. 

My goal is to show them the way to prosperity so that they will never suffer from lack again.

I will not turn my ear or my eye away from them when they ask for my help. 

I know that when I give to the poor, I am lending to You, Father; and You are faithful to repay me. 

I am a carrier of Your anointing, and everything I set my hand to do prospers. 

Therefore, I know that when I give to the poor, I have not lost any of my substance. 

On the contrary, I have gained favor and blessing because You see all and bless me in return.

I know that You have given me a purpose in life. 

All that I have is for that purpose. Therefore, I will give as I am able so that my purpose will be fulfilled. 

Father, I refuse to have a heart full of greed and selfishness. 

I keep my personal relationships separate from my business relationships.

I do not look to get rich by taking the wealth of my brothers and sisters. 

My thoughts are to bless them, not take what they have. 

I am blessed to be a blessing, not a selfish miser. 

Father, I know that all that I set my hand to do is blessed because I remain generous and do things the way You want me to do them. 

There is no one who is poor in the family of God. 

I am not, nor will I ever be poor. 

My Father has blessed me and has given me an inheritance to possess now in this life. 

It is an ever-present provision for me that I can draw upon in times of need. 

I am careful to keep all of my Father’s statutes, and He blesses me just as He has promised. 

I lend to many and borrow from none. I will not be the slave of a lender. 

I am not called to be in bondage but to lead. 

My Father has ordained that I be the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath. 

I give to the poor in the land freely and without reservation. 

Because of this, my Father blesses all of my work. 

Everything that I set my hand to do prospers, and all of my enterprises are brought to unfailing success. 

It is my Father’s great pleasure to grant me an abundance of good things, and I willingly share my bounty with the poor in the land. 


Trust , ask him from your heart.

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