Effective Prayer for Prosperity

Effective Prayer for Prosperity

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WHAT DOES MY ANGEL WANTS FROM ME TODAY? The living flame of God lives in your heart, and as long as you connect with that living flame, everything will happen for your highest good. You have the power to choose whether or not to communicate with that flame, nothing and no one forces you. God blessed you with that flame and with the freedom of decision.

Your Guardian Angel wants from you today: You have the certainty that your heart is like a field, one in which you can sow whatever you want and that in your heart there is infinite and divine water to irrigate it. Thus, when you water all your purposes with the love of God, you reap the blessing, the miracle and the wonders.


Effective prayer for prosperity

The gifts of the Lord are for me. 

I use every moment of this day to glorify the Lord. 

In my life, next to me is Divine harmony, abundance, tranquility, and peace. 

I am filled with kindness and sincere Divine love emanates from me, and I am filled with inner positive strength. 

Everyone who surrounds me will receive blessings from me. 

I believe that Divine love will heal my body and soul. 

I am not afraid of any evil, because I know that God is always with me. 

I am surrounded and protected by the sacred halo of Divine love. 

I know and believe that God’s power will guide me on the right path. 

I feel that Divine love heals and protects all members of my family. 

I affirm that only positive events will surround me. 

I forgive everyone and strong divine love emanates from me. 

I bring into this world benevolence towards everyone who surrounds me. 

Around me is a real, not a fictional world. 

This is the world of the Great God. 

There is prosperity, calmness, and silence around. 

I sense the power of God and his right guidance. 

The divine image guides me on the right, righteous path. 

I compare myself to a clear water bed, along which flows a stream of Divine love, beauty, and truth. 

This is the river of the world and I feel it. 

I am sure that God will help me solve all my problems. 

The ways of God are my choice. 

My words are filled with deep meaning and go straight to the target. 

The divine world fills my soul. Divine love saturates my mind. 

Infinite Intelligence directs me. I am doing well, moving forward, and growing mentally, spiritually, and financially. 

I know that these truths are immersed in my subconscious mind and will develop further.

I know that God cares about my prosperity. Now I live a life of prosperity. 

I have everything that contributes to well-being, progress, and peace. 

Every day I grow the fruits of the spirit of the Lord within me. 

I am calm, balanced, sincere, and peaceful. 

I am a single whole with the Source of life. 

All my needs are immediately satisfied. 

Now I am sending all the “empty vessels” to God. Everything that belongs to Him is mine. 

I recognize the presence of the Source within me and come into contact with my thoughts. 

I offer my thanks to the Lord for the fact that now the entrance to the Infinite Wealth is wide open before me and they come freely to me. 

Every day I get richer spiritually, mentally, and financially. Money is the idea of ​​God circulating in my life, and there is always enough of it.

I rejoice at this and thank God, I know that this prayer will be answered. 

So it will be. Amen.

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