Prayer for poverty|Remove All Financial Fears

Prayer for poverty|Remove All Financial Fears

Impossible to stay poor after this Prayer. Prayer to Remove All Financial Fears. Do not let fear prevent you from receiving the life of Prosperity that you have by divine right. This Powerful Prayer will remove all financial fears from your life.

You will escape the poverty trap once and for all. One of the situations that perhaps brings us more suffering in our lives is feeling poor, that is, not having the financial resources or money to cover all our needs, and that inevitably leads us to anguish and depression, generating at the same time more family or personal difficulties.

It is for this reason that on this occasion we bring you this beautiful and miraculous prayer to our Lord Jesus, so that through his blessed help and his powerful hand, he may give us all his blessings and tools, so that we may be renewed, everything begins to flow from the positive way in our lives and that way we get out of all our material, mental and spiritual poverty.

We invite you to pray this prayer before going to rest, for 21 days in a row, with all the faith and love of your heart, with the firm conviction that very soon the help of our Creator will reach us.

Prayer to Remove All Financial Fears and poverty

Father, my way of life is to do that which You have called me to do and to be the person You have created me to be. 

I choose to be a doer of the Word. I am blessed because I do things Your way. 

Your precepts bring me life and abundance. I thank You that You prosper me on the job and in everything I set my hand to do. 

I never fail to yield a proper increase. I reap a harvest even as I sow my seed. 

I eat and drink to the fullest and dwell in safety in the land.

I have no cause for fear, for You are with me at all times. 

You establish Your covenant with me. I live in peace and prosperity. 

When my enemies rise against me, they are smitten before my face. 

I easily chase them away and put them to flight. 

You are the greater One who dwells within my heart. 

We now walk together as Father and son/daughter. 

Bondage for me is a thing of the past. You have broken my bonds and set me free. 

With You on my side, I never have cause to be afraid.

I am now living in the realm of Your blessings where I regularly have to clear out the old to make room for the new. 

Father, it is awesome to think that You have respect for me. 

You make me a fruitful branch of the Vine. 

You multiply me in all things and never forget that I am Your covenant child. 

I thank You that You bless me and keep me. 

You make Your face to shine upon me, and You are gracious unto me. 

You lift up Your countenance upon me, and You give me peace. 

Your name is upon me, and You have blessed me. 

In You I have favor and blessings in abundance. 

It is so awesome to be called by Your name, Father. I rest in the shadow of Your wings. 

I know that my tithe is important. It is holy to You. Therefore, I give it without reservation. 

Through my tithe, I am declaring that You alone are my source of supply. 

Without You, Father, I would have nothing. 

I honor the Lord with the tithe of all of my increase. 

It is the Lord’s, and it is holy to Him. I pay it without reservation. 

I am sealed into a covenant relationship that guarantees my success now and forevermore. 

I shall keep the anointing of the Holy Spirit burning within me continually. 

I am as a lamp of pure gold. The oil of the Spirit is ever full within me, and my light shall never go out. 

I thresh the fruit of my harvest from the time of gathering through to the time of planting. 

I never go without. I live my life blessed with God’s abundance. 

In Jesus, I have all that I desire and dwell in safety in the land. 

The peace of God has filled my life. I fear nothing. I lie down in peace. 

Nothing, absolutely nothing, can fill me with dread; and no enemy can make me afraid. 

Father, I hearken diligently to Your commands and precepts.

I set You as the first and most vital necessity in my life. I trust in You alone as my provider. 

You give me the first rain and the latter rain to water the seed that I have sown. 

You see to it that I have all that I need and more. 

Everything under my care is covered with Your anointing. 

I am never without provision because You are the Lord of my harvest. 

In Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Trust, ask him from your heart.

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