Big Fortune Prayer | Immediate Money

Big Fortune Prayer | Immediate Money

Everyone who says this prayer becomes a millionaire!! This really works, don’t give up, it’s all in the faith you put into it, do it with joy and gratitude and you will see how quickly everything you want comes to you.

Millionaire mind, powerful affirmations are achieved through you building your millionaire mind and a life of abundance and wealth, if that is what you choose, Affirm with power, abundance, and prosperity or a stressful life full of complications or a life of abundance, success, and well-being.

Build a life of richness through what you express, the power of the word, since sound is a powerful and fundamental force in the act of creation and manifestation. We have to ask the Universe for our wishes and we must tell it concretely what we want, not just think about what we want.

I welcome you to this Prayer to Create a Millionaire Mind. Change your thoughts towards money and Abundance. Undo the blocks to money and wealth, through the repetition of these powerful affirmations. And the doors of Abundance will open in your life so that you take possession of what belongs to you by Divine right.

Big Fortune Prayer

Father, I have Your unfailing Word that I am blessed to be a blessing. 

You are with me at all times and in every circumstance. 

You bless both me and my children after me. 

You have given me Your Word, and You perform it on my behalf. 

You once looked unto Abraham as a man who would take You at Your Word. 

Now, look unto me, Father. I believe You.

I will keep Your charge, and I will walk in Your ways. 

I refuse to take any of Your blessings for granted. 

I know that You alone are my provider and that I would have nothing if it were not for You. 

You have led me through some very hard times, and I have emerged victorious.

I know that no matter where I am in life, You are there to raise me to prominence. 

You never fail to give me direction and purpose.

I recognize that it is You who have promoted me in life. 

You have given me raises and caused me to advance. 

It is You who have blessed my bank accounts. 

It is You who have prospered in everything I have set my hand to do. 

It is You who have given me the power to create wealth so that You may establish Your covenant with me. 

I humble myself under Your mighty hand, Father, and I move forward in Your powerful anointing. 

I am blessed to be a blessing. 

I have the power to create wealth so that I may be a blessing on this earth, and I do not forget to give You the praise, honor, and glory for it. 

Father, thank You for giving me a proper perspective on my finances. 

My pursuit of prosperity is not for myself alone but for others as well. 

I know that I am blessed so that I may be a blessing. 

I will remember the poor and the stranger. 

I will help when I can and be a blessing on this earth. 

I am a provider on this earth. I know that I am blessed so that I can be a blessing to others. 

In me, the poor in the land find provision and hope for the future. 

Father, I choose to honor You with my tithes. You are the Lord of my harvest. 

I have no harvest at all, except that which You have given me. 

Therefore, I will gladly give the tenth back to You. 

I humble myself under His mighty hand knowing that God shall exalt me. 

I fully expect to move on to bigger and better things in my life. 

I am careful to keep my Father in my mind at all times. 

I am resolved to be God-inside-minded.

When I build magnificent dwellings to live in, I remember Him. 

As my silver and gold multiply, I recognize Him. 

As all that I have increased, I give Him credit. 

I always take notice of my provider and recognize that it is He who has brought me out of bondage. 

He has led me through the wilderness, trampling down the fiery serpents and scorpions along the way. 

As I dwell in the realm of abundance that He has provided for me, I praise Him. 

He has brought me water from the rock and fed me with the manna of heaven. 

All that He does for me, or to me, is for good. 

He is good to His children. He is good to me. 


Trust, ask him from your heart.

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