Prayers for winning the lottery | Jackpot

Prayers for winning the lottery | Jackpot

They won the lottery with this prayer! Try it! REPEAT THIS PRAYER FOR 28 DAYS AND WATCH THE MIRACLE!

You usually buy many lottery tickets and you never have the luck to win even a penny, in this post we bring you a very strong and powerful prayer to win the lottery. You just need to be very sure that if you are going to win and pray it with great faith and you will see that it is very effective and powerful, watch this entire video.

Prayer to win the lottery

At any time in our lives, we have gone through a very strong economic crisis and for that reason, we want to win the lottery, to get out of so many debts that torment us day by day, and also in this way to provide economic stability to our family and that not be affected by the misuse of the money we had investing where we shouldn’t, or simply by some bad patch we’re going through and we’re left without a job.

Going through an economic crisis is not pleasant at all since it is a constant worry that brings us and sometimes no matter how many things we try we do not find any solution to the problem and we only want to win the lottery but also no matter how hard we try it is impossible, but these wrong (a) winning the lottery is not an impossible win if it can be uphill, it is a matter of luck and many people are just like you in search of that prize.

However, anyone can win the lottery, you just need a lot of confidence that you are going to do it, but above all have a lot of faith in God, and you will see how the chances of winning will increase immediately since He can do everything and faith move mountains. Next, you will find a powerful prayer to win the lottery, do it with great faith and conviction and you will see how powerful and effective it is

Jackpot Prayer

Father, Your wisdom is precious to me. You have the power to do anything. 

I am merely your loyal and faithful servant. Please give based on how you estimate my ability. 

I am ready to take care of and grow your wealth. Allow me to win the lottery to prove that.

I have strong faith in you, and I’ve always tried to be your loyal servant. 

Thank you for all the generosity you have already shown me. 

The harvest of Your wisdom is better than any harvest of money or material things. 

To know You and to be known by You is my most coveted prize. 

With You, Father, I enjoy the length of days worth living. I enjoy riches and honor. 

In the wisdom of Your precepts, I have learned peace and contentment. 

I choose the ways of Your wisdom, Father, and I enjoy the abundant life that You have called me to live. 

My heart and soul feel your generosity as I am filled with your grace, kindness, and love. 

I dedicate myself to working hard to make you proud. 

I strive to help others and invest time and energy without expecting a reward.

If you are kind enough to share a lottery jackpot with me, I’d be able to help more people. 

I’d like to give a better life to my family and me. 

I thank You for the wisdom that You have given me to be a blessing to others. 

When it is in my hand to bless, I will not hesitate. 

It is what You have called me to be and to do. 

When good is due to someone and You have put the blessing in my hand, I will not hold it for myself.

I am blessed to be a blessing. 

I purpose in my heart to gain a reputation as a generous and honest person. 

I look for ways to strategically give so that my substance increases continually. 

I will not withhold more than what is right. I sow bountifully, and I reap bountifully. 

I give and it is given unto me good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over. 

I choose to be a cheerful giver, and I rejoice in the abundance of my harvest. 

Father, I know that as I seek the good of others, I shall procure favor. 

People will go out of their way to bless me because of the anointing You have placed on my life. 

I know that riches are a fragile form of security. I do not trust in them or set my heart on them. 

My trust and allegiance are in You and You alone.

In You, I find steadfast security and flourish as a well-nourished branch of the Vine. 

All of my desires are for good things. 

I give freely, without restraint, and yet gain even more. 

My generosity causes a tremendous abundance of good things to pour forth into my life. 

When I refresh others, I also am refreshed. 

When my hand is ready to give and do good, my head is crowned with the blessings of God. 

I seek what is good and find goodwill. 

By my actions, I show that my trust is not in riches, but in the prosperity that only God can provide. 

By Him, I have abundance and thrive like a green leaf. 

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Trust, ask him from your heart.

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