Prayer to Get Money

Prayer to Get Money | Financial Blessings

Use this as a “win lottery prayer”. You will receive your reward, after saying this Prayer for money in 3 days. Read this Money prayer with Faith

Money will come in waves for you. It is very powerful and 100% works instantly.

I’m going to tell you something: With your faith especially and one of these miraculous prayers , you will be able to get out of that slope in which we humans usually fall, when our pockets get thin.

The despair of not having enough to pay debts or acquire products you need are impediments to having the desired peace of mind. Become your own provider and dedicate yourself to executing with the most intense faith, each of these procedures aimed at giving you economic prosperity , all with amazingly positive results!

If you find yourself literally in ruins, your financial situation can be positively improved if you entrust your appeal to the spiritual forces of prosperity. With devotion say each night before going to sleep these words are loaded with faith and ceremoniousness.

Prayer for Financial Blessings

Father, it is such a joy to dwell in Your presence. I am a child of God. 

I dwell in Your house and enjoy the provision of Your matchless treasuries. I have a good life!

I am so blessed. You arm me with strength for every task. 

You anoint me with power and shield me in the hedge of Your protection. 

It is my pleasure to live by Your precepts. 

I know that You will give me that which is good. 

I shall yield an abundant increase from the seed that I have sown. 

Righteousness goes before me and sets me in the way of Your steps. 

Your Word is life to me. It is provision and abundance.

Father, a day in Your house is better than a thousand days in the world. 

I would rather be a butler in Your house than to dwell as a king in the tents of wickedness. 

The riches and honor of this world are nothing compared to Your glorious provision. 

To be honored by You is my ambition. To please You is my life.

Father, all of the bitter things in life are turned sweet in Your presence. 

Your goodness rains down upon me daily. I am awed by such grace and mercy. 

I wrap my hands in Your garments and claim You as mine forever. 

You are my sun and my shield. Your grace and glory are mine evermore. 

No good thing will You ever withhold from me. 

With all of my heart, Father, I love You, believe in You, and trust You with unwavering confidence.  

I thank You that You always remember me with favor and never fail to visit me with Your salvation. 

Your thoughts toward me are always for good. 

You have paid my price fully and never hold me to account for my shortcomings. 

I continually experience the good of Your blessing. 

Happiness is my lot and I glory in Your inheritance. 

In Jesusโ€™ name, I pray. Amen.

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