Prayer to break Money Curses

Prayer to break Money Curses

This prayer destroys all money curses! Use this prayer to break financial curses in your family, generational curses, and money wickedness Share this post in your Circle.

The concern about money is always present in our day-to-day life, so it is important that at some point you realize that your finances get worse despite planning and work, you must pray with faith.

This Prayer to Break the Evangelical Financial Curse will help you cast off the shackles and become prosperous and abundant.

Why should we break economic ties?

It is necessary that we go to prayer to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance regarding our finances because sometimes we are simply tied down and that prevents us from receiving the blessing.

The ties can come from any situation, for example from the iniquity that passes through generations, from us having conferred negative words towards our businesses or our finances, and even from not tithing and offering to God.

“But the Lord is faithful. He will establish you and guard you against the evil one.”

2 Thessalonians 3:3 

This very powerful prayer will 

cleanse the negative energies that 

prevent the permanent flow of money.

Put everything in the Hands of God, 

He will protect your money, your business, 

and your abundance with a simple prayer.

I invite you to cleanse, protect, and activate 

the flow of money, success, and abundance 

in your life in a sustained way.

Prayer to break money curses

Heavenly Most Gracious Father, 

you are omnipotent and you reign over 

all the earth. There is nothing in this world 

that could hinder or defeat your mighty power.

Evil may try to test me in the most tempting 

of ways, but you, Oh Father, never leave my 

side, especially in times of desperation.

Oh Lord, I ask your protection over my 

family, just as a mother guards and watches 

over her newborn baby. Wrap us in your 

tender loving arms, Oh Lord.

There may be evil forces around me that 

I cannot battle on my own. But by Your 

strength and your power, I am saved, 

and I am an overcomer.

There are people, Oh Lord, that do not 

wish me well. Every day, they hope to 

see me fail or fall by the wayside.

But I declare that every chain of evil words 

spoken against me is now broken. I am the 

head, never the tail, above never beneath. 

I have wisdom and divine strategies.

Though I walk in the midst of trouble, 

you preserve my life; you stretch out your 

hand against the wrath of my enemies, 

and your right hand delivers me. (Psalm 138:7)

I break every curse that is set upon me 

and my family. The dark forces that attempt 

to lurk in every corner of this beautiful land, 

will disintegrate at the sound of your great name.

I proclaim and declare that Jesus Christ has 

redeemed us from the curse of the law by 

becoming a curse for us, as it is written: 

“Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree” 

(Galatians 3:13).

I declare Satan has no hold over me now 

Through the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ,

I have been set free and I remain free.

In the powerful name of Jesus, I break all 

generational curses placed upon my life 

and my family. I break all curses that are 

affecting my finances, my mind, my relationships, 

and my emotions, in Jesus’ name.

Your word says in Philippians 4:19 that 

“My God will meet my needs, according to 

the riches of His glory in Christ Jesus”. 

And Lord, I trust that Your word will be 

honored and manifested in my life.

As Your Word states in Psalm 34:10, 

“The lions may grow weak and hungry, 

but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing.” 

I seek your face, day and night. Your 

provision is mine. I will lack no good thing.

Give me strength, Oh Lord, to fight these 

battles, for with you all things are possible. 

I believe that by worshiping and honoring You, 

I will overcome the attacks of the enemy. 

I tear down everything that the enemy 

has stripped from me. Today, I bind every 

evil force that is attempting to penetrate 

my mind, heart, soul. 

I declare according to your word that whatever 

I bind on earth will be bound in heaven. 

If I have not yet forgiven, Lord, give me the 

grace and strength to forgive. Help me to trust again.

Abba Father, I declare that today is my day!

 I choose to stand against the attacks of the enemy! 

He will not have further control over me.

My confession is that, by the finished work 

of Jesus, I can claim victory over my life.

In Jesus’ most precious name I pray, AMEN!

1 John 1:9 

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful 

and just to forgive us our sins and 

to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

Type “Amen, Lord” if you believe.

Give thanks to God and 

His angels and beings of light.

You are Blessed.

Say “Amen” if you Agree and Decree.


Say “Amen” and how you will use your rewards and prosperity to help others in this life.

That’s it you have to Recite These Prayers with Believe and Faith good news is Near to you. If you Want to appreciate Us Write In the Comment Box Below

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How to break financial curses?

-Fast and pray.

There are situations that end us with a simple prayer, but rather we must constantly go to our God in his name to tear down all the fortresses that have been built in our financial life and that does not let us prosper.

“But this kind does not come out, but with prayer and fasting

Saint Matthew 17.21 KJV

Today every curse placed on his finances will be broken to pieces in the name of Jesus. The earth belongs to the Lord and the fullness of it. He has given all his children the power to obtain wealth. Every child of God has been given the power to create wealth, this power is the power of our creative minds. whatever we can conceive, we can achieve. The devil is a perverter of all that is good. the devil is the one who always tries to curse God’s blessings. Today we are going to engage in deliverance prayers to break the curses on finances. As you pray these prayers tonight, every curse on his life will be lifted and returned to sender in Jesus’ name.

This “deliverance prayers” approach is for those who struggle with finances, who work like elephants but eat like ants. These prayers are for those who have suffered enough financially, also for those who are in debt. The God of heaven will deliver you from every financial curse in the name of Jesus. By doing these prayers today you will receive divine wisdom to multiply your finances in Jesus’ name. Before we get into the prayers keep in mind that prayer is not a substitute for work, don’t be a ‘church rat, as you pray you to make blessings available but when you take action to improve your life you see the blessing of the financial fortune manifested in your life. Pray these prayers in faith and expect your own miracles in Jesus’ name.



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6 thoughts on “Prayer to break Money Curses”

  1. Avatar
    Nason Bwambale Ndyanabo

    Thanks very much for your help on how to break financial curses .
    I pray for God’s mercy to locate me and release his blessings on me,I pray for financial breakthrough today in Jesus Christ Name.

  2. AMEN !! Bless Your Holy Name Jesus. I Thank You Heavenly Father, My Abba Father, Thank You for Breaking All My Generational Curse over me & my family, love one’s. Through The Holy Spirit.I Pray from the N S E W ,Curses Be Removed, In The Mighty Name of JESUS. Hallelujah Glory To Your Name. Blessings Be Upon All.

  3. Thank You for that Powerful Prayer of Curses. Generational curses, Curses of the mind, Curses of the body, & spirit Be Gone. I Believe By Faith. Today, Is My Day The Lord Has Made, I Will Rejoice And Be Glad. All Curses Are Gone. Thank You Prayer Help. God Bless You All for your Help. My Soul say ” Yes” Too.

  4. Avatar
    Nason Bwambale Ndyanabo

    Amen I believe in God’s wy that his word has set me free from generation curse in Jesus Christ

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