Miracle Abundance Prayers -Lotto Winning

Miracle Abundance Prayers -Lotto Winning

The lottery winner used this prayer and won the Jackpot! Read these Miracle Abundance prayers for a Miracle Immediately. For Prayers Help family today we have the best Miracle prayer that works immediately. Must share with all…

Say this one prayer to win the lotto and manifest lots of money fast. Learn in this article how to pray the Miraculous Prayer to Win the Lottery, it is a simple but effective prayer that will allow you to increase your income considerably and will also help you achieve great triumphs in games of chance.

Miraculous Prayer to Win the Lottery

If you want to have money in a simple way, we recommend that you perform the miraculous prayer to win the lottery, in this way you will be able to enjoy your favorite games and you will also increase your income quickly.

Next, we will show you a series of prayers that are designed to attract good luck and fortune, with them you will be able to receive the success that you desire so much and you will be very lucky in games of chance.

What are the Prayers to win the lottery?

It is considered that the prayers dedicated to winning the lottery are one of the most effective spiritual tools that exist, it is a series of supplications or requests made in the form of a prayer, these prayers are addressed to a specific divinity.

What should be included in these sentences?

In general, prayers to win the lottery are one of the most effective alternatives that exist, for this reason, they are widely accepted today, these prayers are powerful and provide good luck in games of chance.

To correctly perform the Miraculous Prayer to Win the Lottery, it is recommended to include the following aspects

To start the prayer it is important to maintain a positive attitude, focusing on everything going well.

It is also essential to have faith, and trust that the prayers made will be heard and answered favorably.

In the prayers they must have a level of sincerity and humility on the part of the person who performs them, that is, the money that is requested must be used for good, without selfish intentions.

It is essential to invoke a divinity, be it God or any other deity since in this way illumination and direction are received.

In the prayer, it should be made clear that the prize to be received will be used for the well-being of oneself and the family, never with bad intentions.

It is essential to be constant in prayer.

lets Start Miracle Prayer

Father, I will serve You all the days of my life. 

Wherever You bid me go, I will go. You are my Rock of Bethel. 

I look to You alone to satisfy my every need and desire. 

The Lord is my God of Bethel. He has made His home in my heart.

He is with me in all that I do and His Word never fails me. I will walk in abundance.

His ways and obey His every command. 

With Him at the lead, I am destined to succeed! 

Father, I thank You that You are always with me. 

You are always there to make me prosperous and successful. 

You place people of importance in my path to grant me a favor and to bring me to the place You have ordained for me to be. 

I find grace in their sight, and they go out of their way to do nice things for me.

I serve them well because of the anointing You have given me. 

By Your favor, they lift me to positions of authority, and I prosper in whatever position I am given.

Everything I set my hand to do is prosperous and successful. 

I thank You that You bless them for my sake, Father. 

Everything that they have is blessed because of the favor they have given me. 

You pour out upon them an anointing for prosperity, and they enjoy the bounty of Your riches.

Help me to serve them well, Father. 

Help me to be a person of integrity and admirable character so that You will be praised in all that I do. 

The Lord is always with me to make me prosperous and very successful.

Father, I thank You for blessing others for my sake. 

My employers and associates are blessed because of the anointing You have placed on my life.

They seek my favor and call me a blessing. 

Increase them, Father. Make me Your example. Use me to show them how wonderful You really are. 

Those whom I serve are blessed because of me. 

Their possessions increase and multiply because of the anointing in my life. 

The Lord showers them with favor and blessings for my sake. 

The Lord is ever with me to bless me. 

He gives me abundance in every area of my life. 

Those who curse me, curse only themselves; and those who bless me are blessed with God’s own endowment of abundance. 

Those who have been appointed as my supervisors can clearly see that the Lord is with me.

They see how He makes everything that I set my hand to do to thrive and prosper.

He grants me abundant favor with those in authority over me. 

They look upon me as one who is called to lead, and the Lord blesses them for my sake.

For my sake, all that they have is blessed. 

No matter what the circumstances may be in my life, I prosper.

For the Lord is with me to show me mercy, loving-kindness, and an abundance of favor with all of those I come in contact with. 

I have favor with my employers, my pastors, my teachers, and my administrators. 

They see that I am called to be a leader, and the Lord makes everything that I am put in charge of to prosper. 

The Lord has been the shepherd of my life from the day I was born until now, and He will continue to be my shepherd throughout all of eternity.

He continually sends His angel to deliver me from all harm. 

He blesses me, makes my name great, and increases me upon the earth in a shower of His abundance. 

And so it is. Amen.

Type β€œAmen” if you believe that

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  1. Amen I thank God for everything that he’s done for me and all the people in my life. He has truly given me a charmed Life thank you God

  2. Avatar
    Brinch Sabwe Milambwe

    In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen It is said ask and it shall be given. I asked the lord throught Jesus Christ for me to win the South African National Lottery Jackpot in this year of 2022, Powerball and Lotto for the amount of R150, 777,000.

    The Lord God and his Son Jesus Christ have granted my request and have released the winnings in the spirit and through my faith it shall be manifested in the physical form.

    I thank Thee Father for thou have answered my preyer request. Amen

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