Divine Mercy 3 Oclock Prayer

Divine Mercy 3 Oclock Prayer

Do You Love God? Say the 3 o’clock prayer! Pray it every 3 PM and 3 AM, the Divine Mercy 3 O’clock Prayer

“…as often as you hear the clock strike the third hour, immerse yourself completely in My mercy, adoring and glorifying it, invoking its omnipotence for the whole world.

In this hour you can obtain everything for yourself and for others simply by asking; it was the hour of grace for the whole world – mercy triumphed over justice

The hour of Jesus’ agony, that is, three in the afternoon, is a very special time in the devotion to Divine Mercy. In this hour we try to remain in spirit at the foot of the Cross of Christ, in order to beg mercy for ourselves and for the whole world by virtue of the merits of his Passion.

The systematic practice of prayer at the hour of Mercy introduces us to direct and personal contact with Jesus, makes us meditate on his mercy, which was manifested during his Passion, and allows us to address Jesus directly, that is, to Someone very nearby; then, by virtue of the merits of his Passion, we can ask for mercy for ourselves and for the entire world.

It is up to us whether or not we want to pray at three o’clock in the afternoon and practice the prayer at the Hour of Mercy, or if we prefer to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy instead. In any case, these are two different things. But when propagating the devotion to Divine Mercy and its practice, things must be clearly defined, and not mix the Hour of Mercy with the Chaplet.

Divine Mercy 3 O’Clock Prayer

Oh Blood and Water, which flowed from the Heart of Jesus as a Source of Mercy for us, I trust in you!

You expired, Jesus, but the source of life gushed forth immensely for souls, and the ocean of Mercy opened throughout the world. 

Oh source of Life, Oh Infinite Mercy, surround the whole world and take care of us.

Oh Blood and Water that flowed from the Most Holy Heart of Jesus as a source of mercy for us, I trust in you.

Oh, Jesus, you gave yourself to us with such amazing passion solely for love. 

Your Father’s justice would have been atoned for with a single breath of yours and all your annihilations are acts of your mercy and your inconceivable love.

When you were dying on the cross, at that moment you gave us your eternal life, having allowed us to open the most sacred side you opened to us an inexhaustible source of your mercy; you offered us the most valuable thing you had, that is, the blood and water of your Heart. 

Behold the omnipotence of your mercy, from it all grace flows to us.

Oh Jesus, eternal Truth, our Life, I beg you and beg your mercy for poor sinners. 

Sweetest Heart of my Lord, full of pity and unfathomable mercy, I beg you for poor sinners. 

Oh Most Sacred Heart, source of mercy from which rays of inconceivable graces spring forth over the entire human race. 

I beg you for light for poor sinners. 

Oh Jesus, remember your bitter passion, and do not allow the souls redeemed with your most precious, most holy blood to be lost. 

Oh Jesus, when I consider the high price of your blood, I rejoice in its immensity because a single drop would have been enough to save all sinners.

Oh, what joy burns in my heart when I contemplate your inconceivable goodness, oh Jesus Own. 

I wish to bring all sinners to your feet so that they may glorify your mercy forever and ever.

Oh, Jesus stretched out on the cross, I beg you to grant me the grace to faithfully fulfill the holiest will of your Father in all things, always and everywhere. 

And when this will seems heavy and difficult to fulfill, it is then that I beg you, Jesus, that strength and strength flow over me from your wounds and that my lips constantly repeat: you will be done, Lord.

O Savior of the world, Lover of human salvation who, amidst terrible torments and pain, forgot yourself to think only of the salvation of souls. 

Most compassionate Jesus, grant me the grace to forget myself so that I can live totally for souls, helping you in the work of salvation, according to the holiest will of your Father.

You expired, Jesus, but the source of life sprouted for souls and the sea of ​​mercy opened for the whole world. 

Oh source of life, unfathomable mercy of God, embrace the whole world, and pour yourself out on us.


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