Prayer of Financial Blessing | FAST RESULTS!

Prayer of Financial Blessing | FAST RESULTS!

Prayers to get money Instantly and Immediate financial Blessing from God The secret to your prosperity is here. Money prayers that actually work fast! Read and Share this

How to manifest money quickly. The way to manifest or attract money is the same way we unconsciously use to manifest anything, even those we don’t want to manifest.

I’m going to teach you how to attract money quickly for something specific, and it’s not that we can’t manifest something very big at once like becoming millionaires quickly, of course, it’s possible, but it is possible to the extent that we ourselves get to know ourselves; that is, knowing our mind and our power. And to achieve this we will go step by step.

The entire law of attraction is based on eliminating our limiting beliefs and at the same time nurturing our confidence

As we create and manifest, our brain will restructure and strengthen our neural system, which in turn will make it easier for us to manifest what we want.

“It is the blessing of the Lord that makes rich,And He adds no sorrow to it.”

Proverbs 10:22:

From today on, 

you will be able to manifest

what you want in your life.

Today, express gratitude with faith, 

through actions that benefit everyone.

You can have as much as you deserve. 

Remember that it is your birthright.

You are worthy and deserving of all 

that is good because God has

crowned you with favor.

Let’s pray against anything that is 

working against your finances. 

Seal every spiritual hole in your life 

that is draining your money.

Prayer for a Financial Blessing

Gracious Lord,

Thank you for your goodness and mercy.

Thank you for blessing me with a job to do.

Today, I come before you with my finances.

I pray for a divine financial breakthrough.

Teach me the right way to do 

my work so I can earn more.

I rebuke any evil plans of the devil 

against my work. May any curses on my 

finances break by fire in Jesus’ mighty name.

I speak prosperity on my work.

I speak riches on my life.

I pray that your favor locates me today.

Bless my finances oh Lord.

Open doors of opportunity for 

me to be financially stable.

I pray against any evil force assigned 

to hinder my wealth and prosperity.

I pray against any spiritual 

leakages draining my wealth.

I rebuke any spiritual blockages, 

blocking my financial breakthrough.

I reject any curse of poverty on my life.

I pray for divine intervention 

over my finances.

Forgive me for all the times I made 

wrong decisions about my finances.

Please bestow upon me the wisdom 

to be able to manage money.

Help me not to waste money on 

unnecessary things and teach me 

the secrets of prosperity.

I pray against any spiritual forces working against my financial prosperity

I break every yoke of debt over my life

I rebuke every spirit of financial humiliation and embarrassment

I declare financial prosperity over my life

Please lift me out of all my debts

and bless me according to your riches.

Please remove every spirit of greed 

that will make me rush to get rich 

quickly by doing the wrong things.

Help me to wait on you and your timing.

Give me the patience to wait on you 

to make my finances better.

I know and believe that in your own time, you 

will bless me and make me financially stable.

My finances are in your hands Lord, 

grant me a financial breakthrough.

Make me prosperous in everything I do.

And teach me to handle the money 

you bless me wisely.

Bless me so that I may prosper in 

all the things I do in my life. 

Show Your Merciful grace so that I 

can prosper financially, spiritually,

and health-wise by Your will.

I pray that you show me the right path 

to a financial breakthrough which leads 

to ultimate financial prosperity and abundance.

Oh Mighty Lord, please provide me 

with adequate earnings that I’ll use to 

take care of both myself, my loved ones, 

and serve humanity for the rest of my life.

Dear God, let your divine grace fall on 

me so that I am not trapped further in 

the swamp of the financial mess. Lord please 

show me the way out and fix my life.

I promise to fulfill my duties and 

responsibilities in my life. I thank You 

Lord for the opportunity to say this 

prayer and for the forthcoming blessings.

I praise Your name and 

Your Merciful Divine Grace!

Thank you for Your Divine protection.


Type “Amen” if you believe in miracles.

You deserve to live 

comfortably and prosper.

Say “Amen” if you Agree and Decree.


Say “Amen” and how you will use your rewards and prosperity to help others in this life.

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  1. I am grateful I found this channel on you tube. I will use these prayers to help myself
    along with my family members and My church. I will contribute to food pantries I
    am doing now but now with more money. Thank you in advance.

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