Prayer Against Evil Tongues Speaking Against You

Prayer Against Evil Tongues Speaking Against You

Gossip is usually a negative criticism that is made about a specific person behind his back. These comments that are made without the person concerned knowing about them, are usually negative, false comments and if they are true, they may be data that the protagonist of the gossip does not want to make known.

Those people who tend to spread gossip are usually envious, resentful, and seek to harm the person they gossip about, but there are always solutions for these situations.

If you feel that there are people around you who are speaking ill of you, you can use black magic to silence those tongues that have been raised against you.

Use this prayer to silence gossip. Gossip can be present in your family, work, neighbors, and circles of friends, it is like a disease that spreads quickly, even we ourselves can sometimes be spreaders of gossip.

But if in this case, you feel that gossip is against you, you can make this powerful prayer to shut up mouths.

I call on the LORD in my distress, and he answers me. Save me, O LORD, from lying lips and from deceitful tongues. What will he do to you, and what more besides, O deceitful tongue? He will punish you with a warrior’s sharp arrows, with burning coals of the broom tree

Psalm 120

We invite you to make this prayer against envy and gossip, this prayer is intended for those who live in environments surrounded by gossip and who are tempted to review that information due to bad influences.

Prayer Against Evil Tongues 

The glory of my Father is revealed in me. 

Though I am in the midst of lions and I dwell among the raging beasts—though I must deal with men who have teeth like spears and arrows, and tongues that lash out like swords—God’s glory will not be contained. 

From His throne on high, He sends me His ministers, a host of fierce warring angels, to deliver me from those who would trample me down and swallow me up.

God shall shoot at them with an arrow; suddenly shall they be wounded. So they shall make their own tongue to fall upon themselves: all that see them shall flee away. 

And all men shall fear and shall declare the work of God; for they shall wisely consider his doing. 

The righteous shall be glad in the Lord and shall trust in him, and all the upright in heart shall glory.

All who rise against me are routed without remedy, while I am taken aside to enjoy the benefits of God’s mercy and loving-kindness.

The Lord sends His angel before me to protect and guard me on my way and to bring me to the place that He has prepared for me. 

Therefore, the Lord shows Himself to be an enemy to my enemies and will distress those who try to distress me, for His angel goes before me to do His will.

The Lord gives me favor in the sight of my enemies. 

God will give me abundance where I once had lack, prosperity where I once had poverty. 

The enemy will be forced to give back to me all he has stolen and much, much more.

The Lord has established His covenant with me. 

He has delivered me out of the hands of my enemies. 

He has lifted me out from the burdens of the oppressor and has freed me from the yoke of bondage. 

The Lord has rescued me with a mighty, outstretched arm.

My heavenly Father springs to action at the call of my prayer and delivers me with powerful acts of judgment.

I serve the Lord my God and He blesses my bread and water.

He has taken sickness from my spirit and I am healed in my body.

My children shall live a long, full, and abundant life.

The peace of God has filled my life. I fear nothing.

I lie down in peace. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can fill me with dread and no enemy can make me afraid.

I chase down my enemies and they fall before me. I am on the offensive in the army of God. 

It is not in my nature to maintain a defensive posture. 

I am an attacker and I go forward with my brothers and sisters in Christ to conquer in the name of Jesus. 

Five of us chase a hundred and a hundred of us put ten thousand to flight.

My Father delights in me. He has brought me into a spacious and fertile land and has bid me to claim it as my own. 

I will not rebel against His wishes, nor will I fear those who are now its inhabitants. 

They are bread for me. They have no defense that can stand against the Lord. 

He has removed all protection from them and has bid me to take the land. 

Therefore, I will take it. The Lord is with me and I am well able.

I have no fear of the giants in the land!


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