Money Prayer|Only Use This Prayer 1 Time a Day

Money Prayer|Only Use This Prayer 1 Time a Day

Only use this Money prayer 1 time a day – I’ve never seen so much money fast – prayers on video and Don’t forget to share it for all and see the magic.

This prayer once a day: I’ve never seen so much Money!!

Today the economic situation of each person is defining in their life, and although it should not be the center of our existence, living in balance gives us peace and well-being.

That is why the fact that money flows positively is extremely necessary to achieve our spiritual calm.

Money allows us to live in harmony, satisfy our needs and provide our loved ones with abundance.

That is why when we see ourselves going through difficult times, we should not leave our spiritual guides aside, but we should look for them to bless what we gain and multiply it for our good.

By praying with faith and praying with confidence, we ask to bless the money and make a call for abundance to cover our needs and bring tranquility to our lives.

A good economic situation can always help us meet goals and objectives in life.

Pray for abundance and prosperity. When to do it?

When we are having a bad economic time we should not be afraid to go to our spiritual guides, those we trust, to ask for their help.

They will understand our difficult situation and will guide us along the paths to better job opportunities and higher income.

Not only should we pray for money to flow when we are in times of crisis, but we can also always pray to God to ask that our abundant situation be lasting and prosperous.

By the light of a white candle, we pray with great faith this miraculous and abundant prayer.

Money Prayer

Father, I know that ill-gotten treasures are fleeting. 

They are like grasping at oil and so on they diminish. 

Therefore, I commit myself to work hard with my own hands, for that is the channel that causes the flow of Your anointing to pour through my life.

I am one who gathers by labor, and my increase never fails. 

I thank You for the godly counsel You have placed in my life.

I follow their instruction and gain honor by doing what they teach me to do. 

By Your Word, I shall leave an inheritance for my children and my children’s children. 

You have commanded blessings on my storehouses. 

The wealth of the sinner is laid up for me, and I will use it to be a blessing. 

Teach me to yoke the strength of others that I may abound in Your prosperity. 

I pledge that I will not be judgmental and complain about their shortcomings. 

I know that without them I would have much less to tolerate, but with them, my prosperity increases exponentially. 

Therefore, I will consider all who assist me to be a wonderful blessing, and I will treat them as such. 

Your system of prosperity is awesome. What a joy it is to give and be a blessing! 

When I give under Your anointing, I experience a tremendous increase and gain friends for myself in the process. 

Father, I refuse to be all talk and no action. I do not shy away from hard work.

I willingly set my hand to the plow; and under Your anointing, I gain profit from all of my endeavors. 

I choose to walk in Your wisdom, and I wear riches as a crown of honor for a job well done. 

In all that I do, I want to honor You. I refuse to think of myself as being above anyone simply because of my income level. 

I know that You see us all as equals and that You love one just as much as You love another. 

Therefore, I ask that You love the poor through me. Make me be Your hand that blesses them. 

Father, in You I have riches without anxiety. 

I have abundant treasure in my house, and I am at peace. 

My house contains an abundance of godly treasures. It is a storehouse of all good things. 

I am kind and generous to those who are in need, thereby giving great honor to my heavenly Father. 

I show myself to be concerned and compassionate toward the needy. 

All of the plans that I pursue are for the good of my fellow man as well as myself. 

I work hard to bring forth profit in my life. 

I understand the joy of diligence and the reward of persistence. 

Wisdom, love, faithfulness, and perseverance are engrafted into my spirit. 

I wear an abundance of wealth as a crown of blessing from God Himself. 

I know that much increase comes with much sweat and that an abundant increase comes with an abundance of help. 

As I enlist the help of others, my prosperity increases immeasurably. 

I am wise in the ways of prosperity. Both my children and my grandchildren shall be blessed with a tremendous inheritance.  In the name of Jesus.


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