Money Come To Me Now Prayer

Money Come To Me Now Prayer

“Money comes to me now” I decree and affirm in jesus name One of the best posts on the website read this with your faith and Wait for a Miracle about Money From GOD don’t Forget t share it

“MONEY COME TO ME”: This powerful DECLARATION of Abundance has all the potential to attract and manifest prosperity in your life and abundance of resources. Recite it daily as you watch and listen to the video. The results you will get will surprise you.

The Money Come to Me Prayer is extremely powerful, because it activates the energies of attraction ,so it may be able to very effectively attract the urgent money you need or desire. This is because it uses the natural capacity of the mind of each human being to materialize what he wants in his life.

How to Decree to Attract Money? How to make a Declaration of Abundance? How to ask the Universe for Wealth? Discover how to Attract Abundance and Money with the following Affirmations and Decrees!

“Money comes to me expected and unexpected.”

Money comes to me as expected and unexpected!

My Wallet is Full of Money!

Money is good!

Having a lot of money is fantastic!

With money, I can help many people!

A lot of money means to have freedom!

For me, it is real, easy, and fun to make money!

Making large amounts of money is easy for me!

I make money very easily! I’m a money magnet!

I always have more money than I need! I

love making money! I enjoy learning how to make money!

I enjoy learning how to manage my money!

I enjoy saving money!

I love learning how to invest my money!

Making a lot of money is something that feels very, very good!

Making a lot of money is a priority in my life!

Making a lot of money is my destiny!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for my Financial Prosperity!

—- Darius Wallis

Money Come To Me Now Prayer

Father, You have taught me the power of my words, and I am determined that Your teaching will not be in vain. 

I shall speak good words that produce good things. 

By the good words of my mouth and the recompense of my hands, I will work Your anointing to produce an abundance of good things in my life. 

Father, my sincere prayer is that You will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 

I am not going to be like the fool who tries to reason his way out of Your blessings. 

You say that You take pleasure in my prosperity. 

Therefore, I will pursue prosperity with all of my heart. 

I choose to be a profitable servant who pleases You in every way. 

I thank You for making me a lender and not a borrower. 

You bless the work of my hands so that I may prosper and be promoted to positions of leadership and authority. 

I refuse to forfeit my blessings because of laziness and thereby find myself under the boot of the creditors. 

All that You give me I consider to be precious. I purpose in my heart to be a good steward of Your riches. 

I am determined to be a man/woman who works hard for his/her substance. 

I will take good care of what I have and diligently reinvest in Your kingdom. 

Teach me to train my tongue to speak good things. 

I am not going to allow my words to be an invitation for violence and destruction. 

My words shall bring goodness, health, and an abundance of riches into my life. 

I know that the desires of my heart are fully met when I focus on Your kingdom and do things the way You have taught me to do them. 

I only prosper under Your anointing when I diligently set my hand to fulfill the calling that You have placed on my life. 

Father, I will not allow riches to cause me to become prideful and arrogant. 

I am blessed to be a blessing, not a pitiful miser. 

My deep desire is to have a good name and to be known to all as a generous and honest person. 

By the words of my mouth, I obtain and enjoy all good things. 

I am careful not to speak those things that would strip me of my blessings.

My words produce health, joy, love, peace, prosperity, and power in my life. 

My mouth is stubborn and inflexible. 

My words are good ones and coupled with my diligence and hard work, all of my desires are fully satisfied. 

I will not pursue riches while forgetting the One who gives them to me. 

Without the Lord, I am nothing. I choose to give up all that I am in order to have all that He is.

My life is God’s and I will live it in whatever way He wants me to. 

Money will come to me now in Jesus’ name.


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