Miracle Prayers that Work Immediately

Miracle Prayers that Work Immediately


The dream of many people is to get totally rich from one day to the next for such radical situations there are miraculous prayers to win the lottery I hope you appreciate it in the article.

The seven prayers of the week are miraculous, in each of them a wish is made, in these, a mystery is enclosed that within the believer who recites them daily manages to find the solution to his problems.

Let’s Start Miracle Prayers

This Miracle Prayer that Works 

immediately will make you experience 

God’s mercy, power, and favour. 

Prayers made in the name of Jesus Christ 

have the power to miraculously change

the most challenging situations

The Scriptures say:

Mark 11:22-24

Jesus answered them, “Have faith in God. 

I assure you that whoever tells this hill to get 

up and throw itself in the sea and does not 

doubt in his heart, but believes that what he 

says will happen, it will be done for him. 

For this reason, I tell you: when you pray and 

ask for something, believe that you have 

received it, and you will be given 

whatever you ask for.”

Jesus Christ points out the fact that the 

prayers of the faithful are answered instantly.

After saying this prayer, you will move 

God’s heart to send an Angel to help

as he did for Daniel in the lion’s den. 

Miracle prayers that works immediately

Lord God, King of Heaven and Earth, 

in your love and goodness, may you locate me 

in your mercy and favor. I stand before you 

today as your humble servant, weak and 

powerless when compared to your might. 

Father, I pray for instant miracles that will 

supernaturally change all supposed 

disadvantages in my life to advantages. 

Lord, may your miraculous working power 

visit every part of my life fixing everything for 

my good and your glory. Father, make me a 

living testimony of your mercy, love, goodness, 

power, favor, and righteousness through Christ.

I am grateful for all the people I work with, 

even those I don’t like or understand very well.

I ask that you give me the strength to achieve

 the goals you have set for me always to 

do my best during my time in this position.

It gives me wisdom and insight into my 

day-to-day work, even amid a hostile environment.

Help me learn what you want to teach 

me here and give me patience as you 

prepare me for the future.

Please help me to do my best and 

always to remain positive and hopeful.

Please calm the grievances and disappointments

 in my heart with your great, perfect peace, 

and allow me to entrust you with my job.

Dress me in the garments of praise and 

righteousness from Christ, and God that 

I may bring you glory where I am working.

Allow me to know my true identity, 

to walk on your behalf, and to try to please 

you more than those with whom I work.

Where there is controversy, let me be a peacemaker.

If there is a mistake, let me see the truth.

If there is despair, may I bring hope

If there is fear, may I bring love and faith

If there is darkness, may I bring light

If there is sorrow, may I bring joy

I thank you for this day, for this 

is the day that the Lord has made, 

I will proclaim and be glad in it. 

I praise you for my being able to see, 

and to hear, and to speak, and to feel, 

and to taste of Your good creation 

this day and every other day. 

I’m blessed because you are such 

a caring and forgiving God, 

and such an understanding and caring God. 

You have already done so much for me

and yet you keep on blessing me.

Forgive me this day for everything I have 

ever done, or ever said or even thought

that was not acceptable to you. I say I am so sorry.

I now confess and ask for your forgiveness. 

Please keep me safe O God From all 

danger, hurt, and harm.

Help me to start this day and every day 

With a new outlook and plenty of gratitude. 

Let me make the best of each and every day, 

To clear my mind so that I can better listen to you. 

Please open my mind so that I can 

accept all things according to God’s Will. 

Let me not complain and whimper

over things I have no control over, 

for all things are working together 

for my good and God’s Glory. 

And when I’m pushed past my limits, 

give me the best response, a response 

which says Alleluia, and Praise the Lord, 

and Thanks be unto the Father Almighty.

I know that when I can’t pray, 

You listen to the prayer of my heart.

Continue to use me to do your will. 

Continue to bless me so that I may be 

a blessing to others.

Keep me strong so that I may help the weak.

Keep me uplifted so that I may have 

Words of encouragement for the discouraged. 

I pray for those that are lost and can’t find 

their way, that they come to know 

Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, 

even this Prayer I am now praying. 


God is always listening. Be ready for his response.

Say “Amen” in the comments. 

That’s it you have to Recite These Prayers with Believe and Faith good news is Near to you. If you Want to appreciate Us Write In the Comment Box Below

You can also read these Prayers in Video Format

Prayer is the best way to talk to God.

Money is always necessary and important and many times what we earn is not enough for the number of expenses and debts we have. Situations like these are repeated every day, so one looks for luck, and for this San Cono can help us win the lottery.

In a quiet place and with great faith he recites the following by the light of a green candle.

You recite the prayer with the lit candle, ask in faith, perform the prayer and let the candle burn out.

Have you bought a lottery ticket lately and are fervently hoping to win it? Then try this sentence to win the lottery. Even God promises to fulfil our wishes, all he wants is for you to do it with a pure heart.

Ask and it will be given to you; Seek and you shall find; knock, and it will open to you

Matthew 7: 7

The verse above clearly states that the faithful only have to ask or seek, and the Lord Himself will open the doors to success and prosperity. Even in times of crisis, there is always a glimmer of hope.

Prayer to win the lottery Try your luck and go to a lottery contest, you never know what he has in store for you, winning the lottery maybe your only way out of poverty today.

Try looking for more clues, such as finding the appearance of angel numbers sent by God, it is a green signal for you to try harder, it all comes down to your luck and devotion to God.

Prayers to win the lottery fast – Colombia

You must be sincere in what you do, believe in the Almighty throughout your journey, whatever happens and recite the prayer to win the lottery.



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  1. Chris Harmon, please Pray for me that my best friend will forgive Me and we can get back together and be friends and partners again Amen

  2. Prayer that my daughter & her father make amends so that she will not move out nor take granddaughter with her to keep us from seeing her.

  3. my daughter is in hospital with lupus flare inflamed her spine my daughter is a good christian mother of two married to her husband, she walked into emergency room and since the friday before last been in icu at tgh with no movement from waist down due to the lupus flare to spine.she is such a wonderful child given to us from god.never any problems.she has been on alot of medication fighting this desease and god has answered so many prayers for her the past 18 yrs with this desease .she hastwo blessed children ages 10 and 13 boy and a girl .she loves them dearly with all her heart.they love her.us parents love her she is everthing to us,we need a miracle prayor for healing for her.she has many praying .we need prayer for amanda she is 41 and and faithful .

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