Hidden Prayer Of The Bible That Does Miracles

Hidden Prayer Of The Bible That Does Miracles

For a Miracle in your Life, I am here with Hidden prayer Just read this prayer with your Faith and Share it with your loved one and The Propspertity will be in there and Wait for a Miracle.

The miraculous prayer to the Holy Spirit to ask for a complicated and for us impossible case is a prayer asking the Holy Spirit to be our greatest reinforcement, and help us in the difficult cause we are facing, whatever the circumstances in which we meet, we need to be straight in what we do so that the Holy Spirit can help us heavenly because with faith and devotion in a spiritual entity it will give us the strength we need to face all the adversities that come our way.

It doesn’t matter if the emergency situation you present is related to health, work, or anything else, God is always willing to help you. Pray for a difficult and urgent request. This prayer is powerful, it is a prayer for God to act and help you in complicated situations, in which the person cannot do anything.

In those situations where it practically deserves a divine miracle. That is why I will leave you the prayer for an urgent and desperate situation.

Hidden Miracle Prayer

Father, I know that Jesus has been made unto me wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption.

Teach me to walk in these. Teach me to walk in godly wisdom.

Lead me in the way of righteousness, in the midst of the paths of judgment.

Show me how to inherit the substance that my treasuries may be filled.

Teach me discretion and good sense. Make me wise in the ways of the world.

Show me the ways of Your knowledge so that I may discover new and more efficient ways of doing things.

Make me be the resourceful and inventive person You have created me to be.

I choose to keep my priorities in order.

Though I desire rubies, gold, and material things, they pale in comparison to my desire to know wisdom.

Enlighten the eyes of my understanding. Teach me wisdom and instruct me in the ways of Your Word.

I have arrested the thief. Satan has stolen my harvest and has devoured what was rightfully mine.

I now say, according to Your Word, that he must restore to me sevenfold that which he has stolen.

All that he has taken control of, he must relinquish.

He must now gather together all of the substance of his house and refill my treasuries with seven times as much as he took.

I purpose in my heart never to be lazy.

I will not allow myself to be without a vision and purpose for my life.

I set my goals and work hard to attain them.

I am a provider and a gatherer. Poverty shall have no place in my life.

I rise early and meet the day as a warrior.

I diligently set my hand to the plow, and I do not return until the work is done.

Whatever Satan has stolen from me, he must restore to me sevenfold.

I choose the Lord’s insight and understanding over the choice of riches.

There is not a material thing in existence that can draw me away from His wisdom.

He is the first and most vital necessity of my life.

I covet His wise counsel in every contract that I make and every endeavor that I undertake. Nothing will ever change that.

I am uniquely and wonderfully made. No one is able to do what I am called to do as well as I can.

Knowledge and creativity come to me as easily as breathing.

When I walk in my purpose, I walk in the wisdom of God.

I walk in the ways of righteousness and remain fixed on the paths of justice.

I have been anointed to become an affluent and wealthy person.

It is God’s perfect will that all of my treasuries be full to the brim. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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